Giving Credit Where Credit is Bad

Money is a wonderful thing. It makes the world go round. It is, according to Geldish, “the lifeblood of civilization.” And it’s not always what you think it is. The best way to think of money is that it’s what you use in place of barter.  The Romans, back in their hay day, used salt as both money and a weapon. You would get paid in salt, thus the phrase being worth your salt, and they would use it to destroy ground after a battle to prevent conquered peoples from…

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Creepy Currency?

Things change. Buildings, held revered for reasons that actually defy logic when seriously contemplated, become entrenched. Tradition, history, and because mom shopped there, are all reasons touted. Things once valued highly, such as salt (yes, that is a link to the Encyclopedia of Money), become boring condiments or relegated to the dustbin of history. Essentially, what holds value now may not hold value in the future. And, as history has taught us with painful lesson after painful lesson, not everyone welcomes change. Such is the case now with nationalized money.…

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