An odd phenomena has been occurring in the comic book industry. Revenue generated by things related to comics, movies, merchandise, etc., has been steadily climbing for the last decade. But, and this is important, revenue from actual comic books have been in a steady decline. Both Warner Brothers and Disney have had internal discussions about spinning off DC & Marvel Comics respectively. Quite a large section of the internet has been devoted to what that might, might not, mean. A subset of that has been devoted to what it will…

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Researching, and then writing, every article up here is a time consuming process. Not only do we verify the links we post here, we ensure that any links contained in the original articles we cite also lead readers to credible sources and not just some blog run by an intellectually challenged penguin. additionally, we answer all emails from readers and people who listen to my weekly guest shot on The Big Wake Up Call. Follow that up with the fact that I’m a professional sci-fi writer, and you can see…

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