Why the 4th of July is a Lie

If you’re curious why everything you think you know about the Fourth of July is wrong, just click here and get the real skinny on the holiday. If you just want a bunch of trivia based around the date, then click here and have fun. But if you want to know why you have been celebrating the whole concept on the wrong day and why the person who you think wrote the famous document did nothing of the sort then just keep reading. This is a repost of a blog…

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You Memorized the Wrong Document

Every year we send our kids off to school to learn about the history of this great land of ours and every year teachers lie to our treasured genetic spawn. So, last year, in an effort to curtail the abuse, I wrote a definitive history of the Declaration of Independence. It is one of the most important documents in the history of our country and absolutely no one knows anything about it. The document you do know isn’t it. Call it “close, but no cigar.” Here is the original article.…

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