Prepare To Max Out Your Credit Cards

Once upon a time, comic book fans were lucky to get a super powered movie a couple of times a decade. Now, with there being super properties on eight television networks (as of now), and in theaters monthly, those long gone days seem innocent and sweet now. What doesn’t seem so innocent are some of the plot lines. Comic book fans have gotten older and want stories that appeal to them. One example is Archie and the gang are now in a sexy thriller called Riverdale. That said, comic book…

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Isn’t This Super?

Thanks to the internet we know some things to be true. Specifically that Ben Affleck has been fired, or quit, and is no longer Batman. Except for the fact that he is, and is scheduled to appear in the next Justice League. We’ll get to why that is in a few. Other things we know is that Chris Hemsworth will never play Thor again. Except in Guardians of the Galaxy 3. And maybe in another Marvel film. There are no plans for a stand-alone Thor film, but that could be…

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