Don’t Do This

People do stupid things for honorable reasons. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and not asphalt, after all. A man I know wanted to make things easier for his wife, who is in a wheelchair. So he built a ramp, with his own hands. And it is lovely to view. Unfortunately, to make it fit the front of their tiny home, and not thinking about alternate shapes, or directions, this ramp could have taken, it is now a thirty-five degree death slide. Neighbors have taken up a…

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Knit One, Pearl Two

Way back in the early ears of World News Center I wrote a fun article about medical advancements that were coming down the pike at a rapid rate. One, human limb regeneration, has hit a tiny snag. Simply put, it doesn’t work. Here’s the thing, while many life forms on our planet can, and do, regenerate limbs, they are far less complex than people. The working parts in a simple hand number thirteen and that’s just an overview. Fingers count as one, for example. Add in the capillaries, supporting tissues,…

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