Fast Tracking For Fun and Profit

Last week, on The Big Wakeup Call, Ryan and I discussed a new Alzheimer’s drug that was zooming towards public use. And I mean ZOOOOOOOMING! From a preliminary, and vague, research paper released in November of 2019, to opening trials on humans in February of 2020 kind of zooming. That kind of time line is essentially unheard of in the world of medicines. I’ve written, on several occasions, about the trials and tribulations facing new treatments for Alzheimer’s. The FDA’s own rules would seem to preclude any such speed, but…

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Prepare To Max Out Your Credit Cards

Once upon a time, comic book fans were lucky to get a super powered movie a couple of times a decade. Now, with there being super properties on eight television networks (as of now), and in theaters monthly, those long gone days seem innocent and sweet now. What doesn’t seem so innocent are some of the plot lines. Comic book fans have gotten older and want stories that appeal to them. One example is Archie and the gang are now in a sexy thriller called Riverdale. That said, comic book…

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