Your Traitorous Home

Once upon a time your home was your safe place. The locale you could count on to allow you to decompress, relax, maybe sucka brewski and catch up on Game of Thrones. It’s the place where you, and your family, can sit, talk, and compare notes on the day gone by. Homes are, by hopeful definition, happy places. I truly hope yours is. But, as time has gone on, people have added more and more gadgets in their homes. To make life easier, more fun, more secure, or some combination…

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Them Versus Them

It’s hard to believe that once, not that long ago, movies about superheroes were so few and far between that any attempt to do the genre justice, no matter how lame, was heralded by fans as the best thing to happen to things in the history of things. And, as I noted before, those movies got co-opted by major studios, watered down, and turned into the movie franchises we know and love today. So far so good. I guess. At least the groundwork was laid for superhero movies to start…

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