Creepy Currency?

Things change. Buildings, held revered for reasons that actually defy logic when seriously contemplated, become entrenched. Tradition, history, and because mom shopped there, are all reasons touted. Things once valued highly, such as salt (yes, that is a link to the Encyclopedia of Money), become boring condiments or relegated to the dustbin of history. Essentially, what holds value now may not hold value in the future. And, as history has taught us with painful lesson after painful lesson, not everyone welcomes change. Such is the case now with nationalized money.…

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News Reviews 

Your Year in Preview

Once upon a time, on a dark and stormy night, super hero movies were rife with cliches. In the 80’s, even though both Superman and Batman had darker vibes, the growth was more in line with which color palette the director used as opposed to what story they could tell. In the 90’s movies like Darkman (1990), The Crow (1994), Spawn (1997), and Blade (1998), just to name a few, changed the landscape. Movies could be edgy, feature African-Americans as lead characters, have plots that required brain cells to follow,…

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Planting Seeds of Hope & Despair

We often think of ourselves, humans I mean, as top of the food chain, kings of the world. And, in some respects, that fiction can be justified. In others it cannot. I have written before how we’re not even the only creatures evolving into sentience on this planet. But we must remember that we are fragile creatures. Evolution has made us dependent on many variables. The temperature of the world affects us directly, we rely on everything around us for food and shelter, we contribute very little – ecologically speaking…

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