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Researching, and then writing, every article up here is a time consuming process. Not only do we verify the links we post here, we ensure that any links contained in the original articles we cite also lead readers to credible sources and not just some blog run by an intellectually challenged penguin. additionally, we answer all emails from readers and people who listen to my weekly guest shot on The Big Wake Up Call. Follow that up with the fact that I’m a professional sci-fi writer, and you can see how time could get a little crunched. And yet we persist. Not for any grand mission but because it’s fun. And part of that fun is finding new creators to share with you. And you. And, of course, you. We could never forget you.

But not you. You’re creepy.

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The first thing you want to check out is The Spatial Shard by G. Russell Gaynor. It’s the prelude to the Edgeworld Series and it’s a rocking good read. Starting with a prison break, where readers have no clue who the good or bad guys are, or even what species, the book essentially starts in the middle of the story and then works its way back from there. It’s a fun technique and a great way to introduce readers to this universe.

The best thing about The Spatial Shard is that it, unlike many contemporary YA books, doesn’t talk down to its readers. It may not delve into the science behind its worlds but neither does it avoid some harsh truths characters are forced to face. For example, Imogene Amanda Schultz a/k/a Genie, has to deal with a mom who keeps redefining what it means to be dead, all while trying to come to grips with the titular shard who has embedded itself in her brain. Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention her little brother being a border line ninja and a slew of really nasty people who want what’s inside her.

In the tried and true tradition of YA novels the book focuses on a group of kids who grow, and learn, together. That is about the only traditional thing about it. The multi-verse it explores is fascinating. The ramifications of it are a great prelude for what’s to come in future books. And, best of all, the villains operate in gradations of gray. There may be hope for them yet. Or not. We’ll all just have to keep reading to find out.

Click the link above to get your copy and join Genie and her friends on their exciting journey.

Next on your list should be Super Ready Battle Armor by Bradley Adan & Michael Milham. This comic book series is a fascinating mix of old and new. The art hearkens back to the glory days of Love and Rockets while the story telling weaves between surrealism based messianic and urban angst.

The book starts out by introducing us to a neat dude named Infector, Fector to his friends, and a bizarre scientist named Professor Insanus. Infector has the ability to see how much life people have left. Later, after a brutal fight leaves his best friend, B. A., dead in an alley we are introduced to other abilities he has. I won’t give away the ending but Fector is forced to make some life changing choices on his own behalf and on the unwilling behalf of others.

Super Ready Battle Armor is a pleasant surprise all around. The characters are well written and interesting and the art is engaging and edgy. Click on the link above to make new friends and order your copy.

If you’re looking for even more, amazingly cool, indy stuff to make your world better, and all your neighbors jealous, just click here to check out other comics and novels we’ve reviewed.

We’ll delve back into science and stuff later. For now, check out these talented new creators and feel better about yourself.

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