Lucita, a Girl Who Go Bang Bang

These indy-comic reviews are really making me new friends. People seem to like being introduced to new artists and artists seem to like being introduced to new people. In other words, if you’re a comic creator looking for a review, feel free to email us. We make a simple deal with all authors. We will never post a bad review. If we don’t like it we’ll tell you, but that’s it. No one here at World News Center is into trying to ruin careers. Especially when those people tend to…

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Missing the Point

Donald Trump never wanted to be president. That’s a real job, something he’s never had, and it requires real work, something he’s never done. While it’s true he kinda sorta ran for president in 2000 as a reform candidate he only garnered 15,000 votes in California. For those playing along at home, that’s not a serious number in a state of millions. That’s barely a serious number in a suburb. Trump’s failings as a human and business person are myriad and well documented. At this point you either believe in…

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