Are You Tethered to Your Life?

Your future is not a happy place.
Your future is not a happy place.
These indy-comic reviews are really making me new friends. People seem to like being introduced to new artists and artists seem to like being introduced to new people. In other words, if you’re a comic creator looking for a review, feel free to email us. We make a simple deal with all authors. We will never post a bad review. If we don’t like it we’ll tell you, but that’s it. No one here at World News Center is into causing new artists harm or making them look foolish. Especially when those people tend to come back and become J.K. Rowling or someone like that.

Today’s a special treat. I’ve already reviewed a couple of books written by Chuck Amadori and today’s issue continues his habit of creating excellent, and frightening, new worlds.


Tether – Issues 1-6
(rated “M” for Mature)

The title refers to a literal tether which connects a floating city to the Earth below. It serves as a lifeline between the haves, above the planet, and the doomed, pretty much everyone else. The plot focuses on the lives of a defective overseer named Zarran Sixty-Seven. His line of geneteclones was discontinued due to its many defects. He was tossed into the mines to live out his life, such as it was destined to be, as an overseer of slaves. The other plot revolves around a woman named Alina who’s been tremendously altered by a twisted doctor named Murrell. He’s done things to her that only he knows. One thing she does know is that she’s stronger than any human she’s ever met. Alina is a rebel prisoner slated to keep fighting in Emperor Trovaar’s coliseum.

And Dr. Murrell wouldn’t mind her being his sex slave either. He’s one creepy dude, and it comes through in the story.

Emperor Trovaar is an egomaniac who took over years ago and is now running his kingdom into the ground. Food is scarce, infrastructure is crumbling, and he’s forced to use the military to handle simple tasks such as scouring the wastelands for food. Only the violence of the coliseum, and the gifts given to the citizens by Trovaar when they attend, are keeping the kingdom from outright rebellion.

The wastelands are so-named since there is no life there. Of course, since this is an Amadori story, you know there are secrets there that will blow you away.

The book is violent and the emperor uses sex as both a weapon and a prize, and all this is graphically presented. Also, when someone should logically wake up naked, they wake up naked, there are no careful lighting arrangements or skimpy towels like you get on prime time TV.

The artists, listed below, do an incredible job of keeping consistency between the issues. The colors are washed and tinted in blended shades of yellows and grays. Very much what you would expect in a barren, dying, world. The characters are sharply drawn and distinct. You will have no problem knowing who is who at any point in the story.

Trust me, that’s a big asset here as there is a lot going on.

One quick note, while this isn’t Game of Thrones, you might not want to get too connected to some of the characters.

Long story short, grab this series and settle in for one hell of a ride.

Tether Creative Team:

Chuck Amadori – Writer/Letterer/Editor
Twitter: @zarran67 & @PaleDarkComic

Edson Alves – Artist (issues 3)

Matheus Bronca – Colorist (issues 3- )
Twitter: @Bronca_Matheus

Alex Reis – Artist (issue 1)
Twitter: @Arrow_Reis

Ruvel Abril – Artist (issue 2)

Marcelo Salaza – Artist (issue 2)

Nimesh Morarji – Colorist (issues 1-2)
Twiter: @NimeshMorarji

Series created by Chuck Amadori & Adam Bloch

Tether can be found here:

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