Hybrid Zero is a New Kind of Hero

A new comic from Cyril W. Brown, Jr.
A new comic from Cyril W. Brown, Jr.
This has really turned out to be a good idea. People seem to like being introduced to new artists and artists seem to like being introduced to new people. In other words, if you’re a comic creator looking for a review, feel free to email us. We make a simple deal with all authors. We will never post a bad review. If we don’t like it we’ll tell you, but that’s it. No one here at World News Center is into causing new artists harm or making them look foolish. Especially when those people tend to come back and become J.K. Rowling or someone like that.

Today you’re in for a treat. Something new and fun came into my world and now I’m about to share it with yours.

Hybrid Zero: Juggernaut (episode 1) – Rated M For Mature

Hybrid Zero is a wholly original web-comic from Cyril W. Brown, Jr. He wrote it, drew it, did the coloring, and everything else. The only thing he didn’t do was write this review. The story’s protagonist, Zoe Artemis Chituri Able, is a genetically engineered clone who was designed to be a prostitute but eventually evolved into a genetically engineered super soldier.

It could happen to anyone.

The story follows her fractured relationship with her mother, a genetically modified human whose breasts are so large she was forced to add a tail and steel spine to support them, and her father, a manipulative psychopath, and her attempt to fit in in a universe where the citizens fear the military to a near paranoiac level. There are many hints that such paranoia is well founded.

In this universe humans, and their alien allies, live on planetships. Pretty much exactly what they sound like; ships, organically grown, built around planets that travel the universe.

The story unfolds via the comic book equivalent of voice overs as readers are treated to a visual feast of the worlds they are about to enter. Every panel is packed with wonderful details, from futuristic news broadcasts to adds for male and female sex partners.


Kinda sorta.

The story, while rated “M” for mature, is far from pornographic. The themes it touches on, what is the nature of humanity, what is or is not acceptable in genetic alterations, and so on occasionally require graphics that fit. Brown provides them in exquisite, and loving, detail.

The writing is crisp and fun and provides the perfect foil to the art. Every detail resonates as true.

If you’re looking for something completely original and thought provoking to wrap your brain around, Hybrid Zero is for you.

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