Empty Headed You

There’s a lot to unpack here today so take a moment to get some coffee, maybe a snack, and get comfy. For years and years we’ve been hearing that the human mind is like a computer. It takes in data, processes it, and reaches logical conclusions. In a perfect world at least. Scientists argued that the same “garbage in, garbage out” dilemma that faces computers also affects humans. In many ways this point of view makes sense. After all, humans build computers on the principle that they can do many…

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Empress Continues to Impress

We don’t really do comic book reviews, as part and parcel of our usual mayhem, but more and more indy creators have been crossing our paths lately so we figured why the hell not? If you’re a comic creator looking for a review, feel free to email us. We make a simple deal with all authors. We will never post a bad review. If we don’t like it we’ll tell you, but that’s it. No one here at World News Center is into causing new artists harm or making them…

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