Change Your Damn Password!

Ctrl+Alt+Del is not an option.
Ctrl+Alt+Del is not an option.
One of the beautiful things about the humans who inhabit this world is how they prize their individuality. I got bad news for you Sunshine, you’re special all right, just like everyone else. While society does require a certain level of conformity, there are risks with fitting in too well. If you’re not careful you can end up a cliche. Or worse, you can end up with all your personal data, including finances and porn, splashed all over that new-fangled World Wide Web thingy. Yes, it’s catching on and you really need to learn how to use it. Like mailing checks and using rotary phones, the world no longer abides your bad habits. Another thing it won’t abide is your silly attempts at being clever. Every year, since 2011, Splash Data prints a list of the twenty-five worst passwords. And every year people pay no fucking heed at all. But still I must try. Please peeps, don’t use these. I’ll tell you how to build a password at the bottom.

12345678(Up 1)
qwerty(Up 1)
12345(Down 2)
football(Up 3)
1234(Down 1)
1234567(Up 2)
baseball(Down 2)
abc123(Up 1)
111111(Up 1)
dragon(Down 7)
master(Up 2)
monkey(Down 6)
letmein(Down 6)

A good password should contain a combination of CAPITAL letters, small letters, numbers & symbols. It should also be between eight and twelve characters long. It need not be complex either. After all, you’ll need to remember it.

Also, just FYI, using numbers in place of letters such as W1ll1am instead of William is pretty common and easily hacked.

Big!House$$123 is a good example. It’s a mix of all the elements and it’s easy to remember. DON’T USE IT! It’s a common password used by web designers when they set up accounts. But it should give you a better idea how to make one.

SKINDEEP, a story with light (nsfw) from on Vimeo.

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