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It's amazing what you can do with some body paint and a plastic shrub.
It’s amazing what you can do with some body paint and a plastic shrub.
There’s so much stuff coming out in the comic book universe it’s easy to get whelmed. Overwhelmed is redundant. Kind of like “from whence.” If someone graces your ears with that one please feel free to point out that the word Whence means From. So they’re actually saying from from. Sorry. Rant over. Back to fun stuff. The worst kept secret in Hollywood is the fact that the new Batman Versus Superman will have a Robin in it. That pic’s just to whet your appetite. The Robin in the new film will be the Carrie Kelly character from the Dark Knight Returns and not the Dick Grayson one most people know. She’ll be portrayed by Jenna Malone. When I talked to my buddy, who’s working on the film, to try and get a grip on who was really going to appear in the movie and who would just be alluded to for now she said this; “At this point I think it’s more a matter of who isn’t cast in this thing. While this deep a cast usually gets lots of short shrift, these dudes are giving everyone some room. This is going to be cool as hell when it’s cut.”

One character that appears to be headed for landfall in this movie is Aquaman. He looks a little something like this now.


The nice folks over at Slash Film doe com had this to say about that.

Jason Momoa is likely to first appear as Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which opens in March of 2016. After that, he’ll be in Justice League Part One in November 2017, the solo Aquaman movie on July 27, 2018, and then Justice League Part Two in June 2019. So we’re going to get very used to this face.

As to the eagerly anticipated Suicide Squad, it appears they’re setting up a sequel already. The nice folks at Comic Book dot com enlighten us.

Friday Night Lights star Jay Hernandez is playing El Diablo aka Chato Santana in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. He describes Hernandez’s role as small. It will be just a cameo in the film. When we meet him he will be a “prisoner being held in the super-powered criminal part of the prison.”

But that’s not all! When we see that part of the prison El Diablo will be confined with other supervillains, like Killer Frost, Block Buster, King Shark and Live Wire.

Jared Leto, who lost a ton of weight to be in the Dallas Buyer’s Club, is now working very hard to put it back on so he can play The Joker. Of course he’s trying to do that by eating vegetarian tacos, so who knows how that will go.

Not to be out-Jokered, the TV show Gotham has started a story thread with the “Red Hood Gang” which, as comic book fans know, is the gang that spawns the Joker.

Meanwhile, Supergirl is also headed to TV. Jesse Liebman just posted two videos online of line runs and his audition. This looks to be far more interesting than I’d originally hoped.

In the first video, Wynn chats with his neighbor Kara Danvers, aka Supergirl. Wynn has a crush on Kara, and does a pretty poor job of hiding it. Although, Supergirl doesn’t seem to notice Wynn’s interest, yet she has no problem seeing his deviated septum.

In the breakdown it said Wynn wasn’t aware of Kara’s secret, but in the second video he is very much aware of it as Kara will use him as her go-to-guy for advice on how to be a superhero. He even makes her costume.

Supergirl: Thanks, Wynn.

Wynn: Sorry I fell asleep during our face time last night. Maybe sometime we could watch a movie together. You know, in the same room.

Supergirl: I had fun watching you snore. Your septum is slightly deviated in your left nostril. I’d get that checked.

Wynn: How did … Nevermind. Hey, maybe we could go for one in real-life?

Supergirl: Sorry, I would, but I have a date.

Wynn: A date? Really? Cool. Awesome. Great. Dating is fun. Who with?

Supergirl:’ guy. We’re 82% compatible, so I think it should be good. He likes, Soul Cycle.

Wynn: You, hate Soul Cycle.

Supergirl: That must be part of the other 18%.

Wynn: You know, you can’t quantify emotion based on an algorithm.

Supergirl: You’re I.T., isn’t your whole life based on algorithms?

Wynn: Yes, so if there was an algorithm for love I would know about it. Just like you’ll know it when it hits you. It’ll be like, POW!


Wynn: I can’t believe I’m actually in your apartment.

Supergirl: Wynn, if we’re going to use our lunch half-half to help me with my super-hearing we need to work fast.

Wynn: I’m still not sure how all this is happening. Maybe the brownie I ate belonged to my roommate.

Supergirl: My abilities come from your Sun. The planet I was born on…

Wynn: Woah! Wait! Hold on, you’re from another planet?

Supergirl: Krypton. Yeah, so is my cousin.

Wynn: You and him? You’re related?

Supergirl: Our dad’s were brothers. I’m going to need you to focus. I want your help. I told you, I don’t a thing about fighting crime.

Wynn: Please, you got the hard part down. First, you need…

Supergirl: A costume.

Wynn: It’s called a suit.


Supergirl: How do you know how to sew?

Wynn: I’m a social experiment, my moms were trying to create a post-modern man. I can also swing dance and I do a fantastic curry.

You look very pretty … For a crime-fighting alien. Not that you look like an alien.

Supergirl: I got it!

Wynn: Maybe there are entire planets inhabited solely by gorgeous people. So, second thing stopping you from being a crime-fighter is a crime. Hacked into the [cop’s] frequency. Think the I.T. would’ve built better firewalls by now. I suggest we start with something basic. There’s a car chase on the 1-12 freeway in progress.

Supergirl: I could do a car chase.


Wynn: I always thought a cape was a little presentational and over-the-top, but it aids with aerodynamics. I should’ve thought of that.

Supergirl: National City Bank is reporting a 4-3-2, 6th and Spring. Suspects are armed and dangerous.

Wynn: Are you sure you are bullet-proof?

Supergirl: I hope so. I’ve never been shot.

I think that’s enough for today.

Anime Central 2014 – Cosplay Burlesque – 1 [HD] from TorontoJack on Vimeo.

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