iCloud Hacking for Dummies

jennifer_lawrenceIf you like reading blogs and news websites like the one you are eye screwing at the moment, then you are used to long and drawn out explanations. Colored with over descriptive words and expanded vocabularies that are usually enabled thanks to online thesauruses and peppered with misspellings.

The end result being : The writer makes their point.

Sometimes, we just don’t have the time for that shit.

So I am gonna cut through the red tape (or what would be the rest of the red tape) rip off the band aid & just say it :


If you think for one moment that putting all of your videos, info, pix and downloads in one place that can be accessed anywhere in the world across the web , is a good idea. YOU ARE A MORON.

Now I admit that cloud technology can be good for sharing meaningless files, music, and online gaming. BUT THAT’S IT!

Someone should tell the people in Hollywood that. Or at least they should’ve.

Too Late!

Celebrities are so out of touch with whats going on in the world that they were easy victims of cloud technology because they never really take the time to educate themselves about the latest thing before they just up & do it.

How many ice bucket challenge type scenarios do you think celebrities actually know exactly what its for before they agree to do them? My guess… not many. Its trendy, so they do it. Cloud computing to celebrities is like owning the latest smart phone, TV, and car. They do it because they want to keep up with each other in the race to stay relevant.

And now thanks to their over indulgence we know what Jennifer Lawrence and pals look like naked. Thanks ICloud!!

Don’t end up a moron like the people from La La Land. Get backup hard drives, thumb drives and call it a day. If you have such vital information you need even more storage, may we suggest you take a steel hard drive and place it in a vault. It will be safer there than on any cloud technology in the world. Because as long as there are bored 20 something with wifi and way too much power at their fingertips nothing digital & online will ever be ‘just yours’.

Until next time….


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