Are Illegals Really Staging an Invasion on America?

ku-xlargeSometimes humor is the only way to address a sticky situation. It releases the tension, points out the flaws, and focuses on the issues without pushing too many buttons. My gift to you , “Marisa In The Morning & #WeLuv2Complain”

Its satire on the extremely right wing radio that does more complaining than finding solutions. Talk Radio that really is less about being helpful to their callers and more about being helpful to themselves.



Southern Belle Marisa in the Morning discusses her hatred for all things Illegal especially of the Latino Variety. 3 Callers try their best to get a word in edge wise as she goes on a racist rant that would make any white separatist still whistlin’ Dixie as proud as roosters in the AM. Check out a portion of this Conservative Radio Spoof below :

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