Facebook Hoax For Dummies


Lets keep this short and simple.

“Facebook Hoax for Dummies 1.0” 

KFC Hoax

1.) Create a sad story:

Maybe you are a gay person who has been shamed by a customer who didn’t tip and left a hate rant on their credit card reciept. Or Maybe not. Just put it out their on social media anyway and see if it goes viral. But beware… if people find out you were faking the funk the backlash will be much worse than the original adulation.

2.) Take an actual tragedy and then embellish A LOT: 

Sure your daughter was horrible scared by a possible dog attack (you possibly egged on by setting the scene with a yard full of dogs and an infant). But the world won’t come calling with cash in hand just for anyone. So how about faking being kicked out of a corporately run establishment! That will bring tears to eyes of the willing and anger to the hearts always looking for something to be outraged about. And maybe if you’re lucky, said corporation will crack under immense media pressure & fork over thousands to make the story go away. But we warned… playing such a game can turn you into a social pariah if you are caught faking it!

3.) Pretend you are deathly Ill:

You could, if you were so inclined, tell all of your friends, family and even your own children that you have cancer. That would surely pull on the heart strings of the Facebook community as well. But if your gonna pull this one, you’ve got to go whole hog. Fraudulent doctors appointments, shaven head, and even lose the weight to get that great chemo look going. Make a hard sell. But be warned… procuring funds in the thousands for medical bills that don’t exist will land you straight in a jail cell. And there’s no faking your way out of that.


4.) Become a professional liar : 

All of the above are simply giant lies or mis-truths used to create attention and in most cases garner funds from strangers. The ways in which you make that happen is boundless if you are willing to become a professional liar. If you can create an entire untruth , see it through (even if that means harming yourself) and stick with it even when others call you out on  your fraud you just might get away with scamming hundreds for thousands. Or you could…..

GET A JOB!!!! 

Class Dismissed.

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