Bill Maher Flips View on Fourth Amendment thanks To Donald Sterling Fiasco

Bill Maher Big BrotherDSCN0324By: @ChayseLove

I don’t know about you, but I love watching Bill Maher. On stage, on his own show, or even when he makes appearances on other programs. He is so damn funny. And although I have been watching him since I was kid (back on Politically Incorrect). Time to time I disagree with him. Like last year when he basically stated that The Fourth Amendment and 1st amendment were out dated and needed to be revamped to catch criminals.

At this moment I felt he went off the liberal deep end. However, as if magically, he has been brought back to his normal realm of reality and its all thanks to Donald Sterling.

The fact is Bill is a big cheerleader for men doing as they please and living the bachelor life. He isn’t so much anti marriage as he is FOR staying single. He loves women. So it didn’t shock me that it took (excuse my language) a Slutty sugar baby/ hoochie mama, secretly recording her sugar daddy, to shake Bill to his core. Previously he was ‘upset’ over the NSA and ‘worried’ about the Police state placed on Boston after the bombings. But it didn’t really hit home for him until he realized what most of us online already knew, “Its not just big brother you must worry about, its big sister“. Meaning, US.

Our smart phones, home security, and sudden need to go viral has turned us into the ever present watchful eyes of the world. This is what I have spoke on for years. Its only now that Rich guys like Maher are realizing ‘OH SHIT, they could do this to us.’ It apparently never dawned on him that ill conceived audio and footage on the likes of a Mitt Romney or Rob Ford. Could also be easily obtained of a Donald Sterling or Bill Maher. Politicians are not the only people who secret footage of can go viral. Where has he been all these years? Has he seen whats going on in the WWW? Its chaos. Students filming teachers, students filming students, people filming people on the subway, people using footage from their cctv’s and so on. People are being exposed, exploited and scarlet lettered every day. Now suddenly, because one of Maher’s Chinese prostitutes might be able to secretly record him saying ‘ooh i love anal beads’, he is now interested in bringing up this topic more often. He has done so recently on a handful of talk shows and even this past weekend on his own. I have no issue with that. I applaud him. Even if it took worrying about his own ass to do it.

The truth is Donald Sterling may very well had been illegally recorded and if that’s the case, then it was a private conversation. A chat that went viral and called forth the angry mobs and their torches. As a mixed race woman I do not let my skin tone blur my ability to see that this is not the american way. It all happen so fast and the man was instantly put on trial and the verdict was set before we even had all the facts. He didn’t even say the N Word , which I thought was actually a good thing. He just sounded like an old man who was jealous of the young, big, black men he employed. Nothing more, nothing less. As far as the recordings were concerned. If that is a reason to lose ones job, be banned from ones establishment and cause for a public (verbal) tar and feathering. Then I must be living in some other 3rd world backwards country because that’s not what I was raised to believe about America.

I guess the real problem here is…… people. Bill Maher only took issue with whats going on as far as camera phones and Google glass , when he realized it could effect him negatively. Is it possible that all the people calling for the heads of this weeks latest offender, will only be concerned about how backwards we are becoming when the shit hits the fan & sprays back on them as well? What if you’re next? What if some friend, lover, or co-worker decides to illegally record you when you’re drunk  or simply saying something unpopular? Then posted it up on YouTube or Facebook with an EYE CATCHING title & then you go viral? Only to find out the next day, people on talk shows are calling you ‘racist, or homophobic, or anti fat people’ or whatever. How will you cope if you lose your job and people egg your house because of a media feeding frenzy?

This is whats going on everyday.

There is a new modern day witch hunt , every week. And any one of us could be next. How many times has someone misunderstood you on Facebook & you had to correct them. Yet they still  had an ax to grind against you? Or how many times have you been in an argument and someone shared that story out of context? Then suddenly you get a call from someone who has been purposely misinformed to get you in trouble. We all know that person at work or school who has an agenda to get you fired or kicked out. This new technology has given folks like that (who have been around since the dawn of time) a power like we have never seen. All it takes is some misleading out of context audio or footage by a sneaky & malicious individual, to go viral and wallah you are the latest person to discuss on all the blogs.

Scary , don’t yah think?


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