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Bless you
This is the time of year that pharmacies rack up tall coin selling people allergy medication. It is also the time of year where, once again, social media sites will be festooned with bad information. Some of it just useless, some of it freaking harmful. Allergies aren’t “all in your head” as some claim. No amount of positive thought will make them go away. Allergies, left untreated, can actually kill people. Or did you think that all those people who work with the public just collect epi-pens for fun? Also, lactose intolerance is not an allergy. You can’t fix it with Benadryl. It is caused by your body not being able to break down the enzymes and sugars in milk. If you can’t avoid dairy products there are medicines that can help, but none of them are related to allergies. I am lucky, my only allergy is to THC. Since I never liked pot that much to begin with I have not suffered unduly. Well, except for the weekend I once spent with a reggae band. I thought I would die.

Not all allergies are obvious either. Smashing Lists, which is exactly what it sounds like, has a list of the 10 oddest allergies.

10. Allergic to Vibrations
People with sensitive skin are the most commonly become the victim of this allergy in which an episode of urticaria induce in the body parts by the vibrations of machinery like cars and lawnmowers. Just like other allergies, it is caused by the wrong perception of immune system to harmless object and immune system responds in defense to the object as it may cause any damage to the body. Welt, rashes, hives and other skin reactions immediately appear almost within five minutes and remain for hours or days as urticaria comes from histamine. The allergy can be treated by antihistamine or by calamine lotion.

9. Allergic to Sunlight
It is found that there are a number of allergies that happens due to sun but the allergy I am talking about is a special type of allergy which is known as solar urticaria. This allergy is uncommon unlike other forms of it that are caused by sun and only a few people are reported by far that suffered from solar urticaria. The ultraviolet rays from sun induces hives or urticaria on the skin of the effected, and in some cases even the visible light was found to be the reason of allergy in both covered and uncovered areas of body.

8. Allergic to Deodorants
It is really very irritating to sit beside a person who is stinking and sweating but many people are bound to stink as they are allergic to deodorants. It seems weird but it is true that people actually suffer from this kind of sensitivity which actually happens due to one or more ingredients that a deodorant contains. In this allergy, the suffering person experience pain, redness, burning, cracking of the skin, rash, painful pustules, and it’s horrible to know that in severe cases it can root puss-oozing cuts. It can be prevented by using the deodorants which do not contain that particular element which causes the reaction.

7. Allergic to Underwear
This is a really troublesome allergy because it originates from wearing the underwear but the allergy is even worse as the people bear pain, itching and blisters in the particular area. More often these people cannot even touch the affected area which makes it a night mare for them to put on an underwear. The allergy is common in both men and women and the good thing is that they can get rid of it by simply avoiding the specific fabric which is responsible for it, in most cases polyester, cotton, latex etc. The situation could turn severe; in that case the patient should consult a dermatologist.

6. Allergic to Kissing
It may sound humorous that a person is allergic to kissing and you must have already exclaimed “poor guy” in your head by now but it actually happens to some unlucky individuals. When the person experiences it, he suffers from hives, rashes, prickly eyes, blisters on eyelids, puffy lips, and respiration problems. It cannot cause a severe danger but passionate kisses can do that. Someone’s lips tongue or skin is not responsible for the reaction but it actually happens due to a particular food and medicinal reaction.

5. Allergic to Modern Living
Usage of electricity, mobile phone, cars and other automatic machines is all about modern living of the twenty first century but it is peculiar to know a person who is allergic to modern technology. Debbie Bird is one of those individuals who are reported to have this kind of allergy. She is allergic to electromagnetic field and hence computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens and cars that create electromagnetic field cause painful skin rash, and swelling of eyelid as big as three times of it real size when exposes closely to electromagnetic field. The reason behind this kind of allergy is unknown and the officials say that the electro-sensitivity is not known as medical condition.

4. Allergic to Apples Eaten Near a Birch Tree
This is another bizarre allergy that is caused by a food yet not food itself but by eating an apple near birch tree. Grace Morley is the person who was identified as the patient suffering from this weird sensitivity in which she is not allergic to apple or a birch tree but a condition to eat an apple near it. This fact about the reaction is very worrisome since the affected person will go into shock and could die within minutes in the response of this sensitivity and Grace Morley has suffered several shocks due to the unique suffering.

3. Allergic to Exercises
Exercise is necessary for good health but there are some cases in which many people are found allergic to exercise, yes, it is not a joke, that’s true. This particular type of distress is known as Exercise-induced anaphylaxis (EIA) which is caused by exercise or by food that is taken before exercise. This is a life threatening allergy which happens only when the patient takes the offended food or medication that is not suitable for his health before exercise and works out immediately after it. The fatigue symptoms include heat, itching, redness of the skin, large hives, crumple and faintness. Prevention is better than cure and works in this allergic reaction as well.

2. Allergic to Sex
This is one of the most bizarre allergies that exist in the world in which some women are found allergic to their male partner not because of them but because of their seminal fluid, the liquid that carries sperm. The disorder is known as “human seminal plasma hypersensitivity” and in severe cases the disorder can even cause death. The allergists have found remedy for the problem which requires effort and care from male partner and a treatment is also given to affected women in which sample of semen is applied to women’s vagina every twenty minutes to desensitize women’s immune system from it.

1. Allergic to Water
The allergy that caused by water is known as aquagenic urticaria, the disorder is very rare and only one out of every 23 million people may suffer from it. The allergic is very bothersome as the patient bears itchy red lumps and sore for almost two hours and has to confine to his home only. The ions in the non distilled water are responsible for the reaction and the patient has to remain careful about water and uses distilled water only. Ashleigh Morris who is a victim of this disorder cannot take showers or swim in water and it is also reported that even the sweating causes painful rashes in her body.

You want to laugh and then you read BLISTERING EYELIDS and the humor dies quickly.

Dr. Tim Mainardi, an all around nice guy who’s kind to kittens I am told, clears up 5 common myths about allergies.

Spring is finally rolling around the corner, and for most of us, that’s a big relief. For many others, however, this revival of life also means the return of sneezing, coughing, wheezing, itching and other vexing symptoms of spring allergies, commonly known as hay fever. To help you better prepare for the allergy season and better enjoy a tear-free spring, here are five things you might not have known about spring allergies.

1. Flowers are beautiful, abundant and probably not the cause of your allergies.
Most springtime allergies are caused by tree pollen, not flowers. The most allergenic trees — such as oak, birch, and maple — have small, or in the case of pine trees, no flowers. Trees that expend energy making beautiful flowers, rather than lots of pollen, know they will attract insects like bees to help them move the allergy-causing pollen from tree to tree.

Conversely, the allergenic trees need to produce a lot more pollen to better the chance that wind will blow their pollen to the next tree, to aid their process of reproduction. You can tell when a tree is pollinating by looking for catkins hanging off the branches.

2. You can develop spring allergies at any age, even if you didn’t have them as a child.
If your mild, cold-like symptoms continue unabated and are unaccompanied by a fever, it might not be a cold at all. Although many people first develop allergies during pre-adolescence, it is nevertheless quite common for people to develop their first spring time allergies post high school or even into their 30s and 40s. Sometimes a change in environment can cause allergies if you have recently moved from the city to the country or vice a versa.

3. Spring allergies actually start in the winter.
Although we commonly think of plants restarting their life cycle and pollinating around springtime — and bringing with them the much dreaded allergy symptoms — this process can actually start much earlier. This is because the trigger for plants to start pollinating is not only warming temperatures, but also the increasing length of sunlight during the day. Even as parts of the country still reel from below normal temperatures, the spring allergy season is already well under way. At the end of February, for example, cedar and juniper pollen will have already appeared in the Northeast, while the Mid-Atlantic will begin to see alder and elm pollen. In Texas, highly allergenic trees such as oak and ash have already begun to pollinate by end of February, as have the poplar cottonwoods of California.

4. If you’re allergic to one tree, you’re not necessarily allergic to them all.
While there is always some cross-reactivity between tree pollens, being allergic to one does not mean you’re allergic to them all. Trees pollinate in a more or less predictable pattern and knowing which ones you’re not sensitive to can help decrease the amount of medication you use. The best way to find out which pollens triggers your allergies is to see an allergist and get tested.

5. Eating local honey does not cure allergies.
While honey is healthy, delicious and supports local farmers, it is a misnomer that eating local honey will prevent allergies to local pollens. Bees eat the pollen — which contain the same amount of nutrients as a bean — so not much pollen actually gets into the honey. The concentration of pollen spores present in the honey is low and nowhere near the amount that allergists will give the patient during immunotherapy or allergy shots. Immunotherapy allergy treatment will gradually “vaccinate” the body against allergens by introducing small and regulated amounts of the offensive pollen allergen. This procedure is effective to build up the bodies tolerance an immunity to pollen, unlike the consumption of honey.

Blooming plants does not need to mean blooming allergies. The more you know about your spring allergies, the better you can guard against it’s irritating symptoms. See your allergist to learn more about how to have a beautiful spring that is free of sneezing, itching, and wheezing.

You should also know that dog and cat allergies are caused by the oils on their skin and not their fur. That doesn’t mean that getting pet fur in your nose isn’t irritating, but shaving your pet won’t stop your sneezing.

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