This Was a Good Idea?

Fun for the whole family!
Fun for the whole family!

We do seem to live on a world run by idiots. I have long held that the Olympics are the most corrupt and useless display of nothing the world has ever seen. This year, however, the whole thing seems hell bent on proving that I’m the master of understatement. The nice people over at Deadspin have been chronicling each and every misadventure. To summarize, the hotels aren’t built. Sewers are a rumor. If you do get a hotel room it may or may not have running water and if you do get water it may contain multiple lethal toxins which can cause flesh to peel. One reporter wrote about how his bed was covered in semen. Oh, and due the fact that the construction displaced thousands of wild dogs Russian authorities are now poisoning them in the streets where people can see. Did I mention that they are holding the Winter Olympics in a summer resort that is known for housing mobsters and politicians? Often the same thing in Russia. I really should have. That last part is why athletes are losing their minds over the unsafe conditions on the snow related courses. Since the snow is fake and the courses appear to have been designed by a 12 year old who liked Grand Theft Auto a little too much. One snowboarding event features 120 degree turns and a 70 foot jump. Several athletes have been hospitalized just testing the course and one, American Shaun White, quit the event.

So, yeah, this was an incredibly bad idea. That cost $51 BIL to screw up.

Yes, BIL as in Billion.

Still, this is a bad idea borne of greed and corruption and it will play out as it plays out. At this point all I can do is hope no athlete dies trying to compete in this mess.

Closer to home and on a less epic scale a group of adults in Medford NY, halfway between Rockaway and the Hamptons, decided to have a party.

Good idea.

They decided to allow tasteful nudity.

Better idea.

They decided to make it a sleep over.


And the decided to hold it in a children’s play center.

Oh hell.

The nice people at CBS News have the whole story.

An adult pajama party hosted after hours inside a children’s entertainment facility had parents on Long Island furious Tuesday night.

Krazy Kidz, in Medford, N.Y., has been under fire ever since it hosted an event this past Saturday night promoted via, and titled, “Jungle Gym & Pajama All-Night Dance Party: For Grown Ups Who Won’t Grow Up,” reports CBS New York.

“That’s not how you generate extra money. It’s a kids’ place,” Samantha Gray said. “And they have an adult nude sleepover?”

Gray was supposed to drop off students for an after-school function at the popular children’s party center, but she found it had been abruptly closed for a “thorough sanitizing,” as stated by the owners of Krazy Kidz.

Krazy Kidz has been in the public crosshairs since local parents got wind of fliers and invitations distributed by the private group that rented the facility out for the adult party, which included body painting, Jello wrestling, pillow fights and a Twister contest.

“THIS IS JUST GOOD CLEAN WHOLESOME FUN. There will be no orgy, smut, strippers, or sexually lewd content …… however… there will be tasteful nudity…feety pajamas…and probably little nighties,” the invitation said.

But parents who take their children to the facility did not believe the adult party amounted to “good, clean, wholesome fun.”

“Most of my friends and everybody who’s talking about it will refuse to go there now,” said parent Elissa Trusnovec of Yaphank.

The invitation said there would be “ABSOLUTELY NO CAMERAS ALLOWED,” although some semi-professional photographers and a photo booth would be set up.

But what appeared to be candid shots ended up on social media anyway. Partygoers posted photos showing what appeared to be naked revelers enjoying themselves on the equipment and floors at the children’s entertainment center.

And as the postings went viral, they elicited hundreds of comments.

“Usually I would say this place is great. However, after seeing the pictures from a private adult party the other night,” one woman wrote on Facebook. “I will never spend my money to have my children play where ‘adults partied naked and god only knows what else.’ I hope the money was worth it. Because you will lose a lot more because of this.”

“GROSS!” another wrote. “There has to be some sort of police involvement over this!”

Melissa Webster of Holbrook also commented, and told CBS New York such a party simply was not appropriate at a children’s facility.

“I said online that, to each his own. You can do what you like to do – but not at a children’s facility,” she said. “I actually have concerns for sanitary.”

The owners did not immediately respond to requests for comment from CBS New York, but Krazy Kidz did address the party on its own Facebook page.

Krazy Kidz first said “the event was no different (than) an ordinary Halloween party that you would hold at your home,” and emphasized that the venue was thoroughly cleaned afterward.

“Please understand that our staff was not involved in this event and they look forward to continuing to serve the public,” Krazy Kidz added on Facebook. “In addition, our private party facility rental policy is currently under review to prevent any such misunderstandings from occurring in the future.”

Krazy Kidz said it would remain closed for additional cleaning Tuesday and would reopen Wednesday.

“The staff at Krazy Kidz continues to apologize for the obvious lack of judgment that has resulted in everyone’s concerns and comments,” the venue said on Facebook.

Parents’ opinions varied Tuesday on whether further consequences were warranted for Krazy Kidz.

“It’s privately owned, so I don’t think you can tell them how to use their facility. (But) I don’t agree with it,” said Sharon D’Andrea of Sayville.

“They should be definitely closed down and cited for that – absolutely,” added Julie Edwards of Medford.

The Town of Brookhaven received complaints and said it is investigating. As of Tuesday, it appeared no local codes were broken.

Dear Julie Edwards, pull the stick out lady. Your kids weren’t there. No one’s were.

Still, if management thinks that the average Halloween party consists of nude body painting and see through nighties, then I have GOT to hang with them soon.

Okay, in some seriousness, this is like throwing a porn party at Chuuck-E-Cheeze. At what point did this get past the “Wow, we were really hammered last night” stage? Why not just rent a small hall at a hotel and have it decorated with kids games. Then you can lock the doors and have at it.

I’ve been to something like that and can assure you that fun was had.

And that’s all I need to say about that.

As you can see, when a good idea stays a good idea then everyone has a pleasant memory. Just not on film or in a police report.

Slumber Party from andrew kuykendall on Vimeo.

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