Merry Christmas

This is Lil & Marleen sharing their holiday with us.
This is Lil & Marleen sharing their holiday with us.
I got up this morning and thanked God for all the wonderful things that have happened in 2013 and seem poised to keep happening in 2014. It seemed only fair since I had bitched at Him pretty vividly over all the bad shit that had come before. Writing for the World News Center, and doing the attenuate radio show on Fox Sports WBIG, is an honor and a pleasure. Thanks to the internet and the fact that the world is round I am constantly reminded that I’m not just writing for a couple of folks in Chicago. I’ve gotten emails from India, Singapore, Japan, Germany, Serbia, South Africa, Monaco, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Liberia as well as Chicago. Heck I’ve even gotten some from Indiana and Florida. I’m not well loved in Florida, but that’s okay. We can’t all be loved by everyone. I don’t even try.

Normally I take this time of year to talk about odd traditions, have some fun with the Gospel of Luke and explain why Kentucky Fried Chicken is the most romantic food in Japan right noew.

Today, though, I thought I’d take a moment to thank you for following along. Each of you make this possible. When I started blogging here on October 19, 2010, the idea was that I’d “be bringing you my peculiar take on news from around the world, occasional updates on what’s going on in my life and, if I get it right, stuff that makes you think.”

For the most part that seems to have worked out well.

About 6 months later, when I did the first radio show it was hosted by JoAnn Genette and Ryan Gatenby. JoAnn has gone on to bigger and better things but Ryan and I keep plugging away. Usually on Friday’s at 9:10 AM, but it has been a movable fast throughout the week.

Yet, thanks to Facebook & Twitter people keep finding it.

A quick funny story here.

After about a year of doing the radio show I quit smoking in December of 2011. About three months later I got a wonderful email from a lady named Helen. In it she said the following, “I used to listen to your dad do the show and now I listen to you. Don’t tell your dad but I think you’re funnier and more informative.”

Yes, she thought I was my own dad. It took a very confusing chain of emails to finally explain that I was both people. I later listened to some old podcasts and realized that I saw her point. I was wheezing and gasping in all of them. Those shows, all essentially unlistenable, are no longer online.

In all this has been a fun ride and it shows no signs of slowing down. Which is good because I like doing it. And, to the nice man who clicked the link below to ask me if that link was really my email ….. umm, yes.

So keep those cards and letters coming.

On behalf of Ed Silha, Ryan Gatenby, me and all the elves who make this possible, Merry Christmas.

Cozy Hawks – Goddamnit, It’s X-mas from Sharkitect on Vimeo.

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