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I sing the body electric.
I sing the body electric.
I’ve written before about our impending robot overlords. Usually I am against this sort of thing. There have been – obvious – exceptions like the development of sexbots. Hey, I’ve been divorced twice, having a solid back up plan isn’t such a bad idea. Still, despite the awesoemeness of sexbots, most developments tend to be making Frank Herbert’s Dune seem like a documentary. And I, for one, would prefer not to live in a world ruled by some box of electrodes named Omnius. Still and all when a good thing comes along, even if it’s cybernetic, you have to laud it. And, speaking as a male who’s been to a doctor, I find myself cheering this invention. Or, to be polite, I am not of an opinion that the doctor needs to play the “how far in can my arm go” game with my butt.

Dr. Benjamin Lok & Dr. Carla Pugh have created a robot butt to train doctors how to perform rectal exams.

Researchers have invented something truly remarkable — no ifs or ands, but definitely a butt.

A robotic one at that.

The result is a plastic posterior is hooked up to a video screen featuring a virtual male named “Patrick” who is bent over a desk.

The derriere-device is designed to train budding doctors how to give a prostate exam, according to Dr. Benjamin Lok, the co-creator of the electronic hiney with Dr. Carla Pugh.

“In the experience, the student talks to a virtual person and is able to practice their communication skills” Lok told Geekosystem. “The mannequin is instrumented with force sensors that can measure where the student is examining and with how much pressure. This enables the system to provide a realistic encounter with a virtual patient that includes communication and physical exam components.”

The device even measures eye contact between the medical student and the virtual patient to help improve the bedside manner.

“Patrick” is also endowed with force sensors that alert the student when he or she is poking and prodding too hard. It can also register the thoroughness of the examination, Medical Daily reported.

“Patrick” is in use at Drexel University in Philadelphia and at the University of Florida and Lok hopes to use the “rear-search” to help improve virtual humans for other types of touchy situations.

This isn’t the first time virtual technology has been used to get to the bottom of the butt.

In 2012, Japanese artist Nobuhiro Takahashi created SHIRI, a robotic rump that can react to “a user’s touch, stroke, or slap” and can twitch or tense up on its own.

Of course the Japanese invented a robotic booty for spanking. This is the country that brought the world Orgasm Wars.

That link is for adults only.

But(t), the new robo-rear is a great idea. Every male who’s heard the snap of the rubber glove will be very grateful to learn that the robo-hiney has groomed your medical professional to not fist bump your colon.

Of course, not all science is all sciencey and stuff. Sometimes, just like the brilliant men and women who slaved to bring us sexbots, sometimes scientists get together and invent the robo-vagina.

Because, well, of course they did. Annalee Newitz at IO9 has the latest.

A programmable robotic vagina that looks sort of like a cake mixer promises to be the most exciting sex toy ever invented for men. Basically, it’s the rabbit pearl vibrator of boy toys.

As our sister site Fleshbot reports, live from a floor show at the Adult Entertainment Expo, AEBN’s Real Touch is a variable speed, textured delight – it even delivers “throbs” at appropriate moments. And it’s programmed to respond to input from porn movies. So plug this baby into your computer, fire up your favorite vid, and the Real Touch will match the speed and intensity of the action on screen.

No word yet on whether you can program it to emulate the stages of the female sexual response cycle, including involuntary muscle spams every 0.7 seconds. But Fleshbot does have a video of the device in action.

That video is VERY NSFW.

As in you should have access to a cold shower before you click the link.

But, that aside, you gotta love science.

Electric Six “Body Shot” (2009) – NSFW 18+ from Another Reybee Productions, Inc. on Vimeo.

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