Advertising Opportunities

lilyThis blog gets about 10,000 unique visitors a week and the podcasts (one per week) get 1,000 visitors (and around 100 downloads) per week. Since our fans tend to be smarter and better looking than the average humans we have decided to give you this rare chance to introduce your business to them directly.

Our fans tend to be 25+ years old, college educated and have full time jobs. In other words, they can afford the stuff you’re selling. And, if they like it, they will tell their friends.


Here’s the deals:

For graphic ads on this site (300 pixels by 250 pixels in size);
$100 = 1 week
$150 = 2 weeks
$200 = 1 month

For 15 second ads in our podcasts;
$20 for 15 seconds pre-show
$30 for 15 seconds mid-show

All ads must be pre-recorded.

Write to for more information.

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