You, Me, God & Boobs

God's instant lesbian kit. Just add baby oil.
God’s instant lesbian kit.
Just add baby oil.
A long time ago in a land far, far, away, I wrote a silly little story about God. Well, it wasn’t really about God, it was more about a pseudo-dude who wanted to be God. Unfortunately for it, that position was taken. In the golden days of yore that story would have been read, put on a shelf and forgotten. Or maybe passed around to a few people and then shelved. But we live in the days of the old-fangled interweb. Things get taken off of figurative shelves all the time, whether they need to be or not. Heaven knows what twisted verbiage people are plugging into their search engines but, every now an then, someone comes across my story and asks me a question. It is always the same question. “Do people like you even believe in God?” What they mean by “people like (me)” is left undefined. My best guess would be people unlike them. Which, based on their emails, would seem to be a pleasant type of person to be.

Normally I ignore people who speak in certitudes and define the universe narrowly no matter their ideology. I find fans of Richard Dawkins just as irksome as religious fundamentalists.

However last night forced me to soften that stance. At least a little bit. You see last night I met a pleasant couple who questioned everything. That, to me, is a fun way to spend an evening. But it also got me to thinking. If nothing else I should try to clearly answer those people who keep coming by here and trying to get me to bite on their drool laden ball of vitriol.

So, here goes.

Yes, I believe in God.

Why? Because I’m not arrogant enough to think I’m the most evolved creature in the universe.

I believe in a God who gave us free will. I believe in a God who gave us the tools to build our own futures and to shape our own destinies. I believe in a God who did not make mistakes. Which means that all those who are different than me are still part of Its divine plan.

Which means it’s up to us to deal with them in a positive manner.

Lord knows I am trying here today.

I also believe in a God who clearly understands the motivations It laid deep within our genes.

Breasts are a good example. All the lower, i.e., non sentient, mammals have them but only human females have the glorious works of art that stimulate the soul. Boobs are God’s gift to intelligence. They are meant to be lauded and appreciated. That are also meant, like all God’s creations, to be respected. That means no touching without permission.

Yes, it’s okay to gawk for brief periods of time. After all, you are only appreciating the Lord’s work.

I believe in a God who wants us to question the universe and our place in it. I believe in a God who wants us to challenge the status quo.

Why else would we be gifted with the ability to think if we weren’t supposed to use it?

I believe that God truly did makes us in It’s image. It is simply that we have not evolved enough to see that simple truth. It is only when you look past the color of someone’s skin that you see the true nature of God. Then, and only then, can you begin to recognize our common soul.

I believe that you can distill the Ten Commandments to a single statement; Thou Shalt Not Steal. Don’t steal a life, a home, a marriage and so on. If it’s not yours you don’t have the right to take it. Just leave stuff where it’s at and deal with it.

I believe that the entire New Testament can be summed up with Matthew 7:12. That whole “do unto others” bit works for me.

So there you have it. I believe in a God who wants us to respect others and not steal.

Oh, and I believe in boobs. Big fan of them too.

Which just proves that I am wisely using the intelligence God gave me.

Stars – Changes (nsfw) from Spy Films

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