What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

I like comic books. Of course, now that I’m older I prefer graphic novels. The difference? Graphic novels are more expensive. Among other things. One common theme in many of them is humans who have been altered somehow. Spiderman is a good example. Nice kid meets radioactive spider and becomes a super hero. Or Wolverine. Nice guy, who just happened to be an assassin who can’t be killed, gets experimented on by evil government people in Canada (why is it always Canada?) and ends up with no memory and adamantium claws. He then uses this new accessory to become a teacher at a school for misfit toys. Or something like that. Nevertheless you get the basic idea. Otherwise normal people suddenly have awesome powers. That’s a lot of fun to read about and it’s fun to fantasize about.

But, because scientists are stone cold insane, we may soon find out how well such people would really fit in. U.K.’s Daily Mail reports that the Ministry of Defence plans on creating meta-humans within 30 years.

A generation of genetically-modified ‘X-Men’ superhumans could be among us by 2045, a Ministry of Defence think tank has said.
Advancements in gene technology could help humans gain mutant powers such as the likes of Wolverine, Cyclops and Storm in the popular comic book and movie series, it has been reported.

The MoD’s Development Concepts and Doctrine Centre warn however that ‘genetic inequality’ could result from advancements in biology being unequally shared across society.

The centre met last summer for a two-day summit, featuring experts from government, industry and universities. The details have been released following a Freedom of Information request by The Sun.

It was reported during the summit, held to predict what would happen in the future, that: ‘Advancements in gene technology could lead to a class of genetically superior humans by 2045.

‘Human augmentation is likely to increase over the next 30 years.

‘Discussions highlighted that it is possible that advances in biology, unequally shared across society, could generate genetic inequality.’

The X-Men are a team of mutant superheroes created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, who first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1963.

The mutants use their powers for the benefit of humanity, despite an ever-growing anti-mutant sentiment among mankind.

The comics were turned into a highly-successful film series, featuring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Halle Berry as Storm, Ian McKellan as Magneto and Patrick Stewart as Professor X.

Okay, let’s take Wolverine as an example. Assuming he had a modicum of intelligence he could easily kill people with his claws and no one would ever know since they retract. Storm? Picture the Sahara ocean. Professor X? This is your brain would no longer be true. Magneto? He could pull down the Willis Tower on a whim.

I’m not saying that people with those powers would do those tings, I’m just point this out that there is no way in hell we could stop them if they did.

Sleep well everyone.

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