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I am a big fan of debunking conspiracy theories. And, if I die today, I can lay some claim to promoting rational thought. My article on UFO theories was reposted by a NASA astrophysicist. The fact that you can read this post is completely attributable to the development of accessible porn has been duly documented. So, for all my horny literate fans, today’s blog is for you. One of our followers, yes – I am using the royal “we,” is a guy named F. Grey Parker. He plays in a band called Sister Soleil and answers his phone when I call. He took a moment out of his busy day to write the best refutation of any conspiracy theory I have ever read. I will now share his genius with you.

I’ve Got Your Conspiracy Right Here, Motherfucker” (a rant)

By F. Grey Parker

You know what lies behind the motivations of every die-hard, “it’s a secret conspiracy,” “false flag” spewing nut?

Narcissism. Period.

They insist that only THEY know “more.” They insist that if you don’t agree with THEM, you are a “slave,” or you’re “stupid,” or you’re a “fool.”

Only THEY have the grandglorious intelligence to “see.”

Only THEY have the “wisdom.”

Only THEY can read the “secret signs.”

Only THEY (who are so much more amazing then “we,”) know that there has to be a link between Boston – Aurora -Sandy Hook – Oklahoma – Waco- Columbine – 9/11- the death of their neighbor’s dog – Vincent Foster – the FALN – and the saboteurs who gave the rebels the plan to the Death Star.

Fuck them.

Fuck them running.

I hate to wish ill upon anyone.

That said, when it’s THEIR mother or brother or sister or CHILD who has had their legs blown off by a lunatic following the call of his or her own inner demons?

I demand that THEY allow ME total access to wander through THEIR grief and declare that Alex Jones has a right to scrape THEIR loved one’s flesh, blood and bone off the floor for a fucking web show. And ad sales. And licensing to Glenn Beck so he can continue to sell Gold while it’s tanking.

If America actually was the hive of super-capable and terribly awesome tyranny you claim it is…?

I wouldn’t be putting up with your public pronouncements at all.

Because the “secret team” would have put YOU and the rest of your cowardly, worm-ridden-filth out of MY misery long ago.

So, in closing. Dear pseudo-political narcissists…


And, by FUCK YOU, what he really means is “fuck you.” He’s really very polite.

As was noted on my last podcast, America offers numerous media venues for people to express themselves, see Alex Jones as proof that the filters need not be rational, but that does not mean that every viewpoint is accurate.

Or, to keep things simple, Rush Limbaugh has demanded the arrest of every drug user not named Rush Limbaugh.

Consider the source and keep things in perspective.

Digits – “Love is Only Affection” (NSFW official video) from Seth Mendelson on Vimeo.

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