It has always been thus.
It has always been thus.
Mankind has had the ability to blow stuff up for millenia. However it is only in the last century or so that some people have decided that blowing up innocents is a viable way to get a message to the masses. Back in 1886, in our fair city, a militant labor activist tossed a bomb at police. What started out as the Haymarket Affair quickly became the Haymarket Riots. 11 people died and 4 were executed for the deed. Five if you count the one prisoner who killed himself rather than face the gallows. Most historians agree that the condemned were railroaded and were most likely innocent. Which means the coward who did the deed was never brought to justice. The Haymarket Riots are a prime example of how quickly things can go from bad to disastrous and cautionary tale of why we should never rush to justice.

Make no mistake about it. People who plant bombs, whether they be by a roadside, or in clinics, or anywhere else, are cowards. They want to bully from afar. They want to impose their will on others without having to face any personal consequences. They are despicable.

Yesterday a coward or cowards, we don’t know yet, left bombs along the route of the Boston Marathon. They timed the bombs to explode at around the four hour mark of the marathon. That is, traditionally, when the most amateurs cross the finish line. It is also when the race is the most crowded as friends and family gather near the finish line to cheer for their loved ones.

Simply put, the cowards were looking to maximize the number of dead and injured while avoiding any personal threat.

The true definition of a coward.

While there are already those sad souls who see a government plot here or take to their favorite social media site to demand that we bomb Pakistan (I do believe that these people would demand that we bomb Pakistan if they got a stale doughnut), the facts are that we know very little.

In many ways it is the not knowing that is more frightening.

We do know that the Pakistani Taliban made it abundantly clear that they had nothing to do with this. Since they hung out with Osama bin Laden I am guessing they aren’t worried about bad press or not being liked in America. In other words, I’d take them off the suspect list for now.

The sad thing is that the most likely suspect would be an American citizen. April 15th though the 19th is a wide set of hot button issues for right wing activists.

It was on April 19, 1995 when Timothy McVeigh attacked the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma and killed 168 people. That would become the worst domestic terrorist attack in American history.

April 19th is also the anniversary of the Branch Davidian catastrophe.

Add in Hitler’s birthday falling on tax day, people who hate the government in general and so on and you suddenly have a long list of U.S. citizens who could have perpetrated this.

That is not a happy thought.

If there is a happy thought in this it is knowing that the people of Boston will prevail. They will move on and live their lives. They will raise their families and love their friends. Like all victims of terror in this country, they will not let terror win.

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