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I like sex and I like Mexico. In fact, in a moment of journalistic transparency, I must admit that I have had sex in Mexico. Also, since my ex-wife is Mexican, I must also admit that I have had sex with a Mexican. Oddly enough, I did not have sex with that particular Mexican in Mexico. Oh well, that’s the way the tortilla crumbles. Not that I’m complaining. All in all things worked out for the best. But I have to admit, while Mexican women are sexy as hell, the country never struck me as sex crazed. Contrariwise the country seems to imbue the very Catholic view of “Look but don’t touch.” So you can ogle the dancers of Caliente every Saturday, but that’s it. Keep your hands inside the ride and off the attractions, as they say.

I may have to rethink this point of view.

Down in Los Cabos, the world’s leaders, including President Obama, are meeting to discuss the fate of the world. Next door are a bunch of couples who are trying to figure out the best way to go around the world with each other.

Given the Secret Service’s recent woes, I’m not sure this is a good thing, but it’s too late to stop it now.

Just a few hundreds yards from where global powers worked around the clock this week to ease Europe’s debt crisis and revive the world economy, the customers at one hotel were oblivious to the stress and letting it all hang out.

The adults-only Desire Resort and Spa combined business and pleasure as usual, even as leaders from the world’s biggest economies took over Mexico’s Los Cabos beach resort, troops patrolled the streets and beaches and Navy vessels sat just off the coast.

Desire bills itself as a “deliciously erotic” hotel where clothing is optional and guests are encouraged to indulge their fantasies with their partners or other like-minded couples.

Rather than worry about the troop presence or the heightened tension – and snarled traffic – that come from sharing their vacation resort with world leaders, Desire’s guests were said to be delighted by the extra security.

“They feel more secure because they can go out onto the street and they feel more protected,” said Jhaxiri, a 19-year-old receptionist at the hotel.

Desire stands hundreds of yards from the main press center at the G20 summit and just a stone’s throw from where negotiators drew up a communiqué that lays out ambitious plans to accelerate the move toward banking and fiscal union in Europe.

While President Barack Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin and other world leaders were locked in tense discussions on everything from the violence in Syria to trade policies, Desire’s guests were letting loose.

“The first night here they get comfortable. The second night, they start to meet couples and by the third or fourth night they start taking their clothes off in the pool. … They’re already more than acclimatized,” said Jhaxiri.

Although a handful of unsuspecting journalists made reservations at Desire in order to cover the G20 summit, it was off limits for delegates and security personnel as the hotel only allows couples to stay there.

A dozen U.S. Secret Service agents deployed as part of Obama’s security detail were caught cavorting with prostitutes before a summit meeting in Colombia in April, embarrassing the U.S. government and marring the agency’s reputation.

Unsuspecting journalists? I call BULL-HOCKEY on that one. Desire’s website is VERY clear about what they offer.

In the most seductive, clothing optional, over 21 atmosphere, you and your partner will find perfect opportunities to let your passion be free, live your wildest dreams and forget all inhibitions.

Yeah, Boss, sorry, I thought they meant there was a Canasta tournament.

Uh huh.

Okay, that’s just one little example. what else makes me want to rethink my conservative view of Mexico? Josefina Vazquez Mota is using sex as a weapon to make men vote.

Sex sells – at least that’s what the ruling party candidate is hoping as she seeks to rescue her fading chances in Mexico’s upcoming presidential election.

Sitting well behind the frontrunner, Josefina Vazquez Mota of the National Action Party (PAN) has appealed to women voters to use their wiles to ensure their husbands vote on July 1.

First she urged them on her Twitter account to withhold “cuchi cuchi”, or hanky panky, for a month if the husbands don’t vote. Then, challenged by a disgruntled man, she upped the ante on Monday.

“Today a man wrote to me and said: Josefina, why the negative? What’s the prize? Why not a month without hanky panky for those who don’t come out to vote, and double rations for those who do?” the conservative, usually serious Vazquez Mota told a rally in the city of Atlixco, in the state of Puebla.

“If the woman wants to, that depends on each individual. But the thing here is we all take part (in the vote),” she added.

Support for the conservative PAN has been hurt by a mounting death toll in the government’s war on drug cartels, and a failure to create enough jobs for the growing population.

Most polls place Vazquez Mota in third in the race, well over 10 points behind front-runner Enrique Pena Nieto of the opposition Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

If men get involved in the world then they should get to go around the world. That gets my vote.

Or, as we say in Ireland, OLE!

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