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First off, all of us here at the World News Center wish to pass our condolences along to the family of Yoda, the world’s ugliest dog, who passed away earlier this week. Fifteen years is a long time for a mutant chihuahua to live and Yoda seems to have done better than most. Even if its owners originally thought it was a rat. On the other end of the mortality scale we have the sad story of Germany’s Til Bunny, an ear-less rabbit who was crushed to death by a cameraman on its 17th day of life. The good news is that it was “a clean kill” according to the curator who was in charge of its well being. Speaking of the deceased, there is a growing phenomena of people who claim to be receiving emails from dead people. The emails have been duly scrutinized by a, self appointed, “paranormal expert” who avoided silly things like the scientific method and instead published a blog on the subject. If it’s on the internet it must be true. Right? Just like the computer that can read your mind. I figured that one out about two minutes after I saw it 15 years ago. Yet there are people who still stare slack jawed at their monitor and wonder how it’s done. And, yes, they are allowed to procreate and vote.

Of course not everything that people do with computers is benign. Just ask Anna Vargas who recently found out she has three husbands.

A New York City woman is trying to unwind an identity fraud in which someone used her birth certificate to arrange bogus marriages to at least three men from other countries.

Anna Vargas found out about the fraud when she applied for a marriage license in 2004 and was turned down on the grounds that she was already married.

One of her supposed husbands, from Ecuador, sued for divorce in 2009, before realizing she wasn’t the same person he wed in 1996.

A judge nullified two of the marriages in January. Vargas is still working to erase another one on New York’s Long Island.

Think about that for a second. This woman did nothing wrong, wants to do so something right and has been in court for almost eight years trying to accomplish that simple goal. She is, just FYI, still not married to the one guy she wanted to marry. Here’s hoping he has a very good sense of humor.

Of course, as police in Pennsylvania discovered, being legally married is no proof of sanity.

A Philadelphia family of four were taken into custody after allegedly stripping naked and praying in a parking lot at Upper Darby High School, authorities say.

Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said Sarah Butler, 44, and her children, Joanne Butler, 23, Bessie Butler, 22, and 14-year-old son were arrested about 1 p.m. Friday after being found inside a parked van on the school grounds, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Chitwood said the family had arrived at the school about 3 hours earlier to have her biological child released from school, the Delaware County Daily Times reported.

“Because she has no parental rights, school officials would not release the child and said she couldn’t take the child out of school,” Chitwood said. “They started singing religious songs and lay prone on the sidewalk at the entrance to the building.”

When school security ordered them to leave, they returned to the van and took off all their clothes, the Daily Times said.

“They disrobed between parked cars and were running around chanting prayers to Jesus,” Chitwood said. “They were running around the lot for 5 to 10 minutes. When police got there, they were in a van and locked their arms in defiant protest. They were chanting ‘Jesus is Lord.'”

The three adults were to be charged with defiant trespass, disorderly conduct and open lewdness, with the mother also expected to be charged with corruption of a minor, the Inquirer said. The teenager was placed with Children and Youth Services.

School Principal Chris Dormer called it a “rather bizarre incident” in an announcement made on the school’s Web site, the Daily Times reported.

Okay, seriously, what Bible are these people reading? And can the rest of us get a copy just so we can play along at home?

“Jesus loves Rihanna!”

“YEAH! Now she has to get naked!”

Come to think of it, I could learn to like that Bible.

Of course not all crazy naked people need Jesus to justify their behavior. Jason Russell, for example, seems to have decided that masturbating in public would be fun to do.

Jason Russell, the co-founder of Invisible Children, the advocacy group behind the “Kony 2012” viral video, was detained and taken by police to a medical facility for evaluation on Thursday morning after he was reported to be in his underwear, yelling incoherently and disrupting traffic in a San Diego neighborhood.

Law enforcement officials say there are no charges pending against Russell.

Lt. Andra Brown of the San Diego Police Department told The Huffington Post that a 33-year-old white male was not arrested but “transported to a local medical facility for evaluation and treatment.” She would not confirm the identity of the man involved in the incident, but various media outlets report that it was the 33-year-old Russell.

In a statement posted online, Ben Keesey, the CEO of Invisible Children, also confirmed that Russell had been involved in an incident: “The past two weeks have taken a severe emotional toll on all of us, Jason especially, and that toll manifested itself in an unfortunate incident yesterday. Jason’s passion and his work have done so much to help so many, and we are devastated to see him dealing with this personal health issue.”

According to the San Diego Police Department, officers responded to reports of a male in his underwear pounding his fists on the sidewalk and yelling incoherently, disrupting traffic in the Pacific Beach neighborhood of San Diego. Police said that one caller reported that the man was nude and could have been masturbating, but officers did not confirm that when they arrived.

Yes, there’s video via the link but I’m not going to post it here.

Mostly because I like avoiding lawyers. Of course, if they were Floridian lawyers I might risk it since they are clearly dumber than your average box of rocks.

They wore orange – and got fired for it.

So say four former employees of the Elizabeth R. Wellborn P.A. law firm in Deerfield Beach who were terminated after they came to work in orange shirts on Friday, the company’s pay day, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reports.

They said they’ve worn orange shirts on pay days for the past few months so they would look like a group when they went out afterward for happy hour, the newspaper reported. Janice Doble, 50, of Sunrise said she was looking forward to the gathering after a busy week.

“Orange happens to be my favorite color. My patio is orange,” she told the paper. “My lipstick was orange today.”

Unfortunately for Doble and 13 other employees, an executive viewed things very differently. He told them that he understood there was a protest involving orange, and because they were all wearing the color, they were fired, the Sun Sentinel reported.

One person immediately denied being part of a protest and explained the happy hour connection, but after the law firm’s honchos discussed the matter outside the room, they returned and said everyone was fired, said Lou Erik Ambert, a litigation paralegal.

“There is no office policy against wearing orange shirts. We had no warning. We got no severance, no package, no nothing,” said Ambert, 31, of Coconut Creek. “I feel so violated.”

A spokeswoman for the firm said it had “no comment at this time,” according to the Sun Sentinel.

Yes, there are people who wore orange in protest. It was part of the Protestant Revolution in Ireland. Which, last I checked, had nothing to do with Florida. A state so insane that they allow children to believe that drinking bleach prevents AIDS. It does, just as a bullet through the brain can help prevent migraines.

Here, watch this cool video by my homie Tobias Stretch. It will make everything sane again.

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