Them’s Not Like You and I

I Googled Nude Hippo with the safe search off and this came up. I had to share.
We live on a big blue marble that circles a little yellow star and it is populated by many types of people. While we often will acknowledge the diversity shown on our marble we, more often than not, still expect a level of sameness that defies the known facts. That being said, there are still enough commonalities that we can find a solid foundation for getting to know each other. We all want our families to be safe, we want our children to do well and prosper and we wish nothing but happiness for our friends. No matter what deity you worship or what your fashion mandates are, civilized people can agree on these things. Of course if I spent all day writing about normal people you wouldn’t bother coming by and visiting me. So, let’s get this party started with a wedding.

Everyone likes weddings, right? What’s not to like? You have the lovely church, everyone dressed in their nicest clothes, the groom in his tux and the corpse on a decorated slab.

Wait! What?

MSNBC is reporting that a man in Thailand married his dead girlfriend and made it a You Tube moment.

Well, wouldn’t you?

Hopeless romantic or macabre publicity hound?

A Thai television director’s decision to marry his dead girlfriend and post photos and video of the event to Facebook and YouTube is drawing mixed reaction from the public.

Chadil Deffy, also known as Deff Yingyuen, married his girlfriend of 10 years, Sarinya “Anne” Kamsook, early this month as she lay in a coffin in a wedding-cum-funeral at a temple in Surin Province, the Pattaya Daily News reported.

During the ceremony, the 28-year-old groom, wearing a black tuxedo, placed a ring on the finger of his late girlfriend, whose body was lying on a raised platform, dressed in a white bridal dress.

He put photos of himself and his dead bride on his personal Facebook page under an album titled “Corpse Bride.” He also uploaded a video to YouTube.

The couple met while studying at Eastern Asia University 10 years ago and had planned to get married for a while but Kamsook died in a car accident on Jan. 3, according to media reports. She was 29.

A friend of Deffy, Onsiri Pravattiyagul, wrote in an opinion column this week in The Bangkok Post:

The “wedding” was his attempt to right a wrong, however belated the gesture might have been.

As expected, the initial public reaction was an outpouring of sympathy for the “groom” and a wave of sentimental remarks. The romantically inclined were moved by this expression of “true love,” however unconventional. It seemed to hit a nerve with many people. The offline media picked up on the buzz, too, and went to town with the story. Chadil found himself under a spotlight, experiencing an unexpected 15 minutes of fame.

Also as expected, within days, the backlash began — and it wasn’t at all kind. In a heartbeat, Chadil went from being viewed as a hopeless romantic to being vilified as a publicity-hungry opportunist.

Pravattiyagul said Deffy was heartbroken and “wasn’t thinking about the possibility of fame when he decided to put a ring on her cold finger. He merely wanted to make things right, however small or inadequate the gesture might seem.”

Nope, sorry Deffy, if I may call you that. You see, marrying your longtime girlfriend after she’s dead is odd, but sweet enough to get a pass. Posting the whole thing on Facebook and You Tube passed exploitative three exits back and was last seen flipping the bird at decency.

You, sir, are a cad.

Since we’re on the subject of dead people let’s talk a little bit about George DeGrazio. From all accounts a nice enough chap. He went missing on January 9th. Well, he was up in years and could have wandered off. Police finally found the body on January 14th and gave he family the bad news.

Had he wandered into the mountains and gotten lost? Did he walk into a forest and fall prey to a wild animal?

Nope, he took a dump at a movie theater.

The family of an elderly man who was found dead in a movie theater bathroom five days after he was reported missing is furious at the theater for not finding him after police asked the management to search the place.

George DeGrazio’s decomposing corpse was discovered after employees of the Colorado Cinemark 5 in Fort Collins noticed a foul smell.

Dylan DeGrazio, the dead man’s son, told ABC affiliate KMGH, “I picture him just sitting there in this, like, slumped over, eyes-open position…That’s just the sheer reality of it. For somebody who didn’t know George, that is just a corpse rotting in a bathroom, and that disgusts me. That disgusts me.”

George DeGrazio, of Loveland, Colo., was reported missing on Jan. 9. His body was discovered on Jan. 14. His family is speaking out now, angry that it took so long to find the body. Police had questioned local businesses earlier that week after DeGrazio’s red Nissan XTerra was found in a nearby parking lot.

“If I had the police department saying somebody disappeared in this area and we’re trying to locate him, I would be searching every nook and cranny of my establishment,” Dylan DeGrazio said.

Here’s what we all know about the Cinemark 5 movie complex. They don’t clean the bathrooms. The fact that they could smell a rotting corpse and not notice it tells me that there are other smells there that defy convention. I think I’ll just wait until the movie comes to HBO.

It’s safer that way.

Let’s hop off the death train and head down to South Carolina. The land where Newt Gingrich sounds sane and laws are for suckers. I just love this story.

Police in Georgia said two men who failed to return a $6,000 car from a test drive were identified as a pair of escapees from South Carolina.

Authorities said Dameon Simpson, 34, and Kyle William Norris, 26, escaped from a pre-release work detail outside Florence, S.C., and the pair stole a sport-utility vehicle and fled to Georgia, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Friday.

Investigators said the men went to Swanson Auto Buying Service in Lawrenceville Monday and took a $6,000 car for a test drive. The owner of the dealership, Kent Swanson, said he knew they wouldn’t be returning when one of them called 15 minutes later to ask if the vehicle had GPS installed.

So let’s follow along shall we? In South Carolina escaping from prison involves walking away, maybe with a jaunty wave just to let them know you’re gone, and in Georgia all you need to get a car is a smile. Because these guys did not have any ID or money kids, they’d just escaped from prison.

We’ll ignore the the Mormon mom who offered her 10 year old daughter as part of a ménage à troi to pay off her pawn debt. The Muslim she offered this deal to called the cops instead. She now claims to have been joking.

Yeah, babe, that’s a real knee slapper. Leno awaits.

All right, let’s close on a lighter note. Police in Miami, Florida, of course this happened in Florida, arrested an 18 year old man//boy for impersonating a cop.

But, wait, there’s more!

A South Florida teenager was arrested Thursday for allegedly impersonating a police officer and carrying a concealed weapon. CBS affiliate WKMG reports 18-year-old Matthew Scheidt was arrested on Miami Beach. According to authorities, Scheidt was recently arrested in Osceola County for allegedly impersonating a physician’s assistant and treating patients at a hospital.

Scheidt posted bond on Thursday but a judge Friday revoked bond and ordered him back to jail. Detectives obtained a grand theft felony warrant Thursday, related to the theft of a radio police said Scheidt was using to impersonate an officer.

A police report says Scheidt pulled up next to an undercover officer in a white Ford, resembling an unmarked police car.

The officer said Scheidt was “conducting himself as an officer and using a laptop.” The report says he was using police jargon and told the officer to put on his seatbelt.

I can kind of see how he got away with impersonating a cop. You really don’t need a lot of gear to pull it off. But a doctor? How could they not know he didn’t belong there? What does it take to get a medical degree in Florida? $20 and a note from your mom?

“He’s got a white coat, pronounced splenectomy correctly and extra morphine for Mrs. Teddlebaum, he must be a doctor.”



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