Women and Love

Women are much more sensitive to feelings and that feeling kind of stuff.
Women are much more sensitive to feelings and that feeling kind of stuff.
Guys are already beaten senseless about how crude we are. We’re easy bait for comics, the fact that we may like to go commando brings out veritable ads for laundry detergent, the whole idea of a man asking for directions is linked to some genetic defect due to the amount of sperm we carry and so on. Like it’s our fault we come fully loaded. Knowing this, can we be surprised that a jury, led by 6 women who threatened 6 men, told a guy who’d just lost his penis that he should just shut up and go home and cook? After all, what’s the big deal? He’s just a guy. It’s not like he has anything to offer society.

While only an idiot would claim that men have been the benevolent overlords for the planet, there is still this new streak of meanness towards men that makes the Tea Party’s vitriol concerning our president seem subtle. There are numerous, poorly designed, websites designed to male bashing. Even CNN has jumped on the bandwagon by offering men advice how to appeal to women without acting like … well, without acting like guys.

But humor is one thing, now this attitude is starting to creep into the actions of real life. Jay Ditzer, yes, that’s his real name, tells of a guy who’s Kentucky GF beat him with a brick because … well, because she wasn’t really pregnant.

Police said two people got into a physical altercation when a woman went to her ex-boyfriend’s house to tell him she was pregnant — even though she wasn’t.

According to arrest records, 20-year-old Charity Moore went to her ex-boyfriend’s house on Monday to tell him she was pregnant.

Police said Moore became upset with her ex-boyfriend after he knocked a pregnancy test out of her hand.

Moore began hitting her ex, according to arrest records.

The ex-boyfriend then struck Moore to get her to stop attacking him, police said.

Moore then picked up a brick and threw it at her ex’s head, giving him a mild concussion, police said.

According to arrest records, Moore is not actually pregnant.

She is charged with second-degree assault.

Okay, maybe she’s an aberration. After all, women are loving creatures right? Hugging Gaia and all that. According to cops in Pine Grove, Virginia, maybe too much so.

Police in Hardin County have arrested a woman on a bigamy charge, saying she was married last month even though she was already married to two other men.

Kentucky State Police said Vine Grove police arrested Angela K. Christensen after a state police investigation showed
Christensen married Christopher Lee Ferguson on July 10 in Hardin County while she was also married to Natale Romanczak of Texas and Brian Soarling of New York.

Police said there’s no evidence that Christensen divorced Romanczak or Soarling or had reason to believe she was divorced.

Police said Christensen was also married to Jerry D. Jackson of Pasadena, Texas, who was reported deceased as of March 7.

Okay, I can see loving too much. But what about grief? What if a woman grieves do much so she claims her husband is dead. And then that he died again and wasn’t looking so hot now either? Dan Rozek tells about a loving and caring woman who claimed her husband’s death benefits twice. In fact, she was so full of grief she also claimed the life insurance on her three children that she hadn’t quite got around to having.

Bridgette Buckner had terrible luck with marriage: Her FBI agent husband died in 2007 — and again in 2008.

The 50-year-old Bartlett woman twice claimed her husband had died as part of separate scams to illegally collect life insurance benefits from her Aurora employer, according to DuPage County authorities and corporate security investigators.

Buckner also killed off three fictitious children in other insurance schemes to collect cash, officials said this week.

The bogus insurance claims — supported by forged or fake death certificates — netted Buckner about $70,000, officials said.

But they also left her facing up to seven years in prison after she pleaded guilty earlier this year in DuPage County to insurance and wire fraud.

Buckner — who more recently was charged in Cook County with identity theft — failed to show up Tuesday to be sentenced for those DuPage County offenses.

It was her 2008 insurance claim that her husband had been killed in the line of duty that led to her initial arrest in that DuPage County case. Buckner sought $15,000 in insurance benefits from her employer, Hallmark Services Corp. in Aurora — which just months earlier paid $10,000 to her after she claimed her 4-year-old daughter had died.

Two security consultants — both former FBI agents — who reviewed the claim for her employer quickly realized it was bogus.

“I immediately told her it was nonsense,” said Tom Bourgeois, one of the consultants who checked the claim. “If someone had been killed in the line of duty, we would have heard of it.”

Buckner already had collected $40,000 a year earlier from her former employer after claiming her husband had died.

“She killed off the same husband twice,” prosecutor Helen Kapas said.

But if Buckner’s claims were outrageous, she appeared sincere, Bourgeois and co-investigator Diane Rivers said.

“She is incredibly believable,” said Bourgeois. “When you talk to her, she seems like a nice, sweet lady.”

Even when confronted with evidence that her husband was alive, estranged from her and not a federal agent, Buckner was “incredulous,” Bourgeois said.

“She said, ‘You mean he’s not dead?’” Bourgeois said.

While authorities could find no proof Buckner ever had any kids, she collected about $30,000 in life insurance benefits for three children she claimed died in 2007 and 2008.

A DuPage County judge issued an arrest warrant for her, while prosecutors asked that Buckner be sentenced next month even if she’s not in court.

Those big meanies should just leave her alone. After all, look at all the loss and suffering she’s been through.

Oh, wait. Never mind. Women are just as conniving and manipulative and duplicitous as their ‘y’ chromosome counterparts. In some case, maybe more so.

I have a buddy’s who about as gay as gay can be and he tells me, often, that he’s got the perfect world. After all, he can sit on the couch, watch the Bears game and have celebration sex with a Bears’ fan without once needing to talk about tampons.

I used to laugh at him, now I’m not so sure.

Before I go I want to remind you that some of the Nude Hippo crew, including me but don’t let that deter you, will be at Hines Hospital this Saturday from 11 AM until about 3 PM entertaining wounded vets. There will be motorcycle stunt riders, free food and games.

I hope to see you there or, if you can’t make it, then I hope you’ll donate. 100% of all monies raised go to the vets and there’s info to help you do so when you click the link.

Just FYI, when I looked for a video about “loving women” not one of the 163 I found that were on point involved a man. I wonder if I should worry?

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