You Wanna Party With Me?

Yep, that's me, second from the left.
Yep, that's me, second from the left.
I don’t go out in public much. I’m not agoraphobic or anything, I just don’t really like people all that much. Well, intellectually I like them just fine. I mean they certainly seem like a good idea. The problem is that when I go out in public some people feel the need to speak to me. And, for some reason, I am flypaper for freaks. I’m the guy who always seems to stumble on the atheist in the monastery. If there’s a dude in a tinfoil hat within a mile, he’ll hunt me down. But every now and then there are things far more important than any discomfort I may feel.

This is definitely one of them.

Last year, in conjunction with AMVETS Victory Post 34, Twisted Image motorcycle club and The Levee, a bar on Fullerton here in Chicago, I was honored to be allowed to help a bunch of injured veterans have a pretty fun day. Unlike other events where people show up, toss over a check, grab a photo op and then get the hell out of Dodge, this event is a day long marathon that provides food and entertainment for the vets, along with a check.

This year, on August 27th, everyone’s going to do it again. Like last year we have sponsors ranging from Red Hot Chicago, U-Haul, Vitners and several others. Like last year we will have over 100 bikes making a special run and, like last year, entertainment will include games, prizes, songs and a motorcycle stunt riding exhibition.

If you want to ride too, in the parade not the stunts, just hit me up and I’ll send you the info.

As you might imagine, an event like this requires a lot of planning and money. If you can donate please send a check, made payable to AMVETS Victory Post 34, to Dennis Johnson c/o AMVETS Victory Post 34, 1216 S. Maple Ave., Berwyn, IL., 60402. They also have a PayPal account for your digital donations at

You should know that all of the people putting this together, even crotchety old me, are volunteering so 100% of all monies raised will go to the Vets.

A new thing this year will be an appearance by some of the staff and talent from NBC 5.2’s very own Nude Hippo crew (THAT’S US!!!!). That means that, instead of a bunch of camcorder footage, we should be able to share some high quality visuals with you when it’s over.

If hanging out with me curdles your innards, you should know that the legendary US 99 traffic babe, Gina Ferraro will be there too. She’s much easier on the eyes than I am and more fun to talk to.

There are also going to be a few surprise guests, but they wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you about them.

If you want to attend, but don’t want to make the bike ride, the event is held at Hines Hospital in Maywood. It’ll kick off around 11:00 AM and go through the afternoon. Just look for the giant American flag flying off the back of a fire truck to find out where you need to be.

The event is very family friendly and a lot of fun. I hope that you can come out, donate if you can, and make the day a special one for those men and women who have sacrificed so much for us.

Listen to Bill McCormick on WBIG AM 1280, every Thursday morning around 9:10!

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