ROOF Sundays– It’s a Daytime Affair!

Once winter finally ends in Chicagoland, I start craving fruity/sweet cocktails and rooftop bars. However, a lot of times I don’t feel like staying out to 5 a.m. Could there possibly be a place where I could get both?? I think I’ve finally found happy median to serve my summer bliss: Roof Sundays, at theWit.

Maybe you’ve already been seen at Roof, but not like this! This summer is the debut of “Roof Sundays“… and it’s a guaranteed good time. From fruity drinks, to sexy peeps– this place is rockin’. Oh yeah… and you’ve got that amazing VIEW to boot. Every time I come to Roof Sundays I’m reminded of what an amazing city I live in… just by peering through the glass walls of the bar.

I’ve already discovered my favorite drink for the summer, and it’s on the 27th floor at Roof. Try the, Caipirissima Del Mar if you like rum and you like strawberries– you’ll love this too. Actually, I don’t even really like rum… haha… but I somehow LOVE this drink :). It totally gets my super-stamp of approval. And if you like Bacardi, then the CG² is for you. It’s minty, refreshing and delicious. They really harness the area’s freshest flavors and ingredients, also the dishes and cocktails at ROOF evolve with the seasons.

So, as far as how the place looks inside…..the Roof is basically a wide open lay-out…. partially inside, and partially outside… but they’ve given certain areas of the bar, different names. My favorite section is known as: “The Hangover” it’s an intimate outdoor space with modern furnishings that culminates with a glass-enclosed, cantilevered private table for eight perched 27 stories above the city. This exclusive area features breathtaking views of Lake Michigan and Millennium Park, as well as small heaters for when the temperatures dip.

The Living Room is a spacious indoor penthouse situated under a vaulted ceiling, with floor-to-ceiling windows that provide stunning, close-up views of Chicago’s treasured architecture. It boasts a large, double-sided fireplace, multiple plush couches and settee arrangements, modern communal tables, and an expansive built-in private bar.

The Loft is a chic and sexy indoor space featuring floor-to-ceiling glass windows, modern communal tables, and a retractable glass wall that divides the Living Room from the Patio. The Loft includes a spacious built-in private bar, a fully equipped DJ booth, and a large, woodstone-fired pizza oven.

The Patio is an expansive outdoor space partially enclosed by glass walls that offer spectacular, up-close views of Chicago’s downtown architecture and the Chicago River. The Patio features intimate lounge seating, a semi-raised circular corner booth, counter-height tables with built-in fire pits, a large built-in private bar, and a video wall.

Another really unique thing that Roof offers, are their live musicians. Their General Manager, Ben Galatz says you’ll often find a live saxophonist, or electric violinist playing amongst the guests to set the mood for the night. While I was there, their resident electric violinist Katarina Visnevska, was playing her heart out along with the beats of the DJ. You’ll get to see her wild-style in the video below! She was amazing, definitely check out her official site, too.

Oh…. and how could I forget. The dancers– which are picture perfect! These lovely ladies donned “Kentucky Derby” style hats, and sexy throw-back 1940’s era stripped bathing suits. They are also dancing their hearts in the video– (yet another reason to watch!)

What a view!Needless to say, Roof at theWit proudly celebrates their lively and diverse clientele… so go cool off atop the Loop’s best summertime lounge destination. Grab a cool drink and set your gaze upon the sun-drenched views of the City. Maybe even introduce yourself to some new friends?! Kick back. And watch the hot summer day wind away into night… or in Roof Sundays case “day”! Because– after all, it is a “DAYTIME AFFAIR,” and I’ll see you there. (I didn’t mean to make that rhyme either. lol)

Roof at theWit hours: Wed-Sat till 2, Sun-Tue till midnight.
Location:  201 N. State
Contact: 312-239-9501

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