A Work of Art!

Don’t you love in life, when you stumble on something unique? Well, I did just that –and made a wonderful discovery! We’ve all had our fair share of caricatures done at amusement parks, or even on the streets of Chicago. Those sketches are always good for a laugh– or sometimes leave you appalled thinking, “Oh my God- I look like THAT?!?!” I don’t know about you, but if I have big ears I definitely don’t want them exaggerated in a caricature!

Needless to say, I’ve always wanted a more real-life illustration of myself… maybe something a little glamorous, too– but I’ve been hesitant, thinking an artist wouldn’t be able to capture what I was looking for. Then I stumbled on this amazing fashion illustrator right here in Chicago, Rosemary Fanti. She can draw ANYTHING…. from your pet, to live portraits at a wedding, to a sketch directly off a photograph, and the list goes on. Her reasonable rate makes it very affordable to look fabulous forever, on paper.

Here’s Rosemary to the left, sitting proudly by a piece of her work. By the way… I LOVE her hair. Only an artist could get away with looking so good in a hairstyle like that!! I know I couldn’t pull it off.

So, I hired this amazing woman to create a “logo” for me– yes I was nervous thinking, “how could she possible get it to look just like me, and make me look like a glamorous TV Host, too?!” I will admit, I was apprehensive, but I took a chance. I scoured her website, and realized there wasn’t a theme she couldn’t tackle . A nationally recognized fashion illustrator, Rosemary Fanti creates wedding, event, and fashion illustrations that are as vivid and alive as the people she illustrates. She will attend your event and create illustrations that are truly chic and fashionable. Within minutes, Rosemary will capture your guests on paper and present them with their custom illustration. How cool, right?!??! Rosemary also works from clients photography, at her art studio, to illustrate finely detailed portraits. That’s the option I went with…. I had to simply send her a few photos of my face, and she was able to master my features on paper. Well, I have to say she made me look way more glamorous than I am on a normal day, but that’s what I wanted:)!!

After receiving my 11″ by 14″ original of the illustration you see to the right… I marched down to JoAnn Fabric’s and hit up their custom framing section. Which, by the way, is 60% off!! Whoo-Whoo! I have never had something custom framed, and I quickly learned that it is an extensive process. First, I had to decide my budget, because things can get pretty pricey– fast. Then, I chose my matte & settled on a frame. I decided to do a double matte. A deep purple will sit on top showing 2 inches around the portrait, and about a quarter of an inch of black matte will peak-a-boo out from underneath the purple; giving it a little pop. I took a picture (to the left) of the ensemble I came up with at JoAnn’s…. what do you think?? I hope it turns out ok… as I mentioned prior, I have NEVER done custom framing before so I basically had no clue what I’m doing. The folks at JoAnn Fabric’s were really helpful though… thank God.

Whether it’s on the runway or walking down the aisle, Rosemary captures events in motion with her fabulous illustration. You can take your memories home instantly, and derive pleasure from them, forever.  Which is what I did! I’m so glad I discovered such a talented artist, right here in Chicago. Check her out on Facebook, or on her Official Website.  

Oh! This is so cool too…… I found this video on YouTube of Rosemary in her element, and doing what she does best– drawing! Take a second and check it out!

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