Pogo on the Beach

This Summer Try: Beach Yoga!

Beach Yoga with Gina and PogoOften, I find that I get bored with my workout-routine. Going to the gym, seeing the same people, running on the same treadmill, lifting the same weights… BORING!

This summer, get OUT of the gym and join me on the beach.  I was so excited to stumble across Escape 2 Fitness ; who’s brought Yoga to the beaches of Chicago. Pogo and I hit the sands to test the waters and came out loving our experience. Pogo had never even tried yoga prior to jumping in head-first on the beach– if you are apprehensive because you’ve never tried yoga either… I promise, you will enjoy it… especially on the beach! The breeze off the water, and the sounds of nature make the experience truly relaxing. So, if you haven’t tried Yoga yet– this is the coolest way to get your feet wet :).Pogo interviewing Carrie our instructor

Before I tried it, I thought it looked pretty easy. Believe it or not, I always break serious sweat when doing Yoga— plus I feel a deeper connection with my body and mind after this workout.

Also, Beach Yoga is such a great way to kick off your day this summer. It offers the tranquility of the beach setting, which feels like an escape from the busy city… even if just for an hour.

Pogo and I got to chat with Lizz Gallagher, Escape 2 Fitness’s Co-Founder, who was 8-months pregnant at the time we took this class. Yes, pregnant and doing yoga!! If she can do it, you totally can :). We also got to talk to our instructor Carrie Dye, a Certified Yoga Instructor… check out the segment below for both interviews, and for mine and Pogo’s exciting experience doing Beach Yoga.

For their class schedule go to: Escape 2 Fitness online– or you can always call, 312-222-1414.

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