Hot Beach Coverage

NUDE HIPPO has been cranking out new stuff since 1997, and throughout that time, many reports have been done from the beach!

Amy Zanglin in a bikini

For example:

Ashley Lobo’s tanning report

David Ihrig’s Bastille Day survey

Ashley Lobo’s volleyball story

The NUDE HIPPO team playing volleyball

Ashley Lobo saying goodbye to summer

An opening Baywatch parody

Ashley Lobo on the top of the boat house

Gina Ferraro & Pogo hitting the beach together for some yoga

Julie Esterline, Calliope Porter & Jana Liles take the Polar Plunge

Not to be outdone, we sent the very attractive and funny Amy Zanglin to the beach as well…Except, we sent her on a mission that she knows so well…You may have seen her in her report on trying to make happy hour last all night long…This time we sent her to find a way to recover from that long night of drinking!

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