Hot for Teacher? Move to Texas!

Who wants extra credit?
Who wants extra credit?
When I was a wee little Big Bad, I had a crush on a teacher. Her name was, unfortunately for her, Mrs. Keyhoe and she closely resembled the image to the left. Although she dressed more conservatively. Nevertheless, like all young men of a certain age, I was embarrassed by those feelings and thoughts. Beyond getting her a birthday card once, I never let my feelings show. Well, so I thought. I may as well have tried to hide a 747 in my locker for all the success I had. Naturally, I got “the talk” and then sent to my room, which was okay with me at the time since a little privacy went a long way back then.

Let’s face it, those pre-teen and teenage years are awkward and difficult. Boys and girls feel tingly sensations in places where nothing tingled before. Whereas the scariest things used to be those that went bump in the night, kids are suddenly faced with things that go sproing or mmmm-ooooo-yeahhhhh (depending on their gender). Add in the fact that nowadays kids are also faced with wildly conflicting messages – your sexual purity is the best path to financial surety versus if you want to be down with the in crowd you need to go down on the in crowd – and you realize that parents are faced with a moral quagmire that’s difficult to navigate. That’s ignoring the fact that many parents should never have been allowed to procreate in the first place.

Now toss gasoline on that fire. You send your kids to school, hopefully the one truly safe place in their fragile young lives, only to find out that the very people you’re entrusting them to are actually giving out the kind of extra credit that kids can only earn with their Underoos around their ankles.

And, as it turns out, the number one destination for teachers who want to have sex with students is Texas. Seeming to prove what they say in their ads, “it’s a whole nother country.”

Paul Thompson from the Daily Mail (UK), has all the sordid details.

Police in Texas have arrested another two teachers for allegedly having sex with their students.

Angela New, 39, was jailed after she allegedly slept with an 18-year old from her school a month before he was due to graduate.

And April Alexander, 26, was jailed after being accused of having sex with a 16-year old student on more than 25 occasions.

The arrest of the two women follows the jailing of mother of three Brittni Colleps, who allegedly staged a sex orgy at her home while her serviceman husband was away on duty.

Colleps is accused of inviting the boys to her home in Arlington, Texas, where she allowed their sex romps to be filmed on cell phone cameras.

The 27-year old is facing up to ten years in jail after being charged with five felony counts of inappropriate relationships between a student and a teacher.

In the latest incidents, biology teacher Alexander was arrested at her home in Irving, Texas, after police received a tip off that she had been seeing one of her former students.

A police investigation alleges she began a relationship with a former student two years ago.

The teen told police they had sex on more than two dozen occasions at MacArthur High School in Irving and in Alexander’s car.

Alexander resigned from the school last November without giving a reason for her departure.

She was arrested at her home on Wednesday night after police took statements from her victim, who is now aged 18.

Garland police spokesman Joe Harn said, ‘When we send our kids to school, we trust that they are in safe hands and that it is a safe zone.

‘When something like this happens, it violates that trust’.

A day after Alexander’s arrest, police in Gladewater, Texas, arrested 39-year old Angela New.

School chiefs had been tipped off about her alleged affair with the 18-year old and launched an investigation before calling in police.

New, who taught English at Union Grove High School, is accused of having sex with the 18-year old on April 22nd.

Had the offence taken place a month later – after the teen graduated – she might not have been charged as he was no longer a full-time student and at the age of consent.

Schools Superintendent Brian Gray said they received information about the alleged liaison between New and her student, and after talking to both parties called in police.

If you click on Paul’s link above you can see all the mug shots. Well, except for Carrie Schaefer (in the bonus section near the bottom) who seems to have sent a professional head shot to to the media.

Do you really hire a publicist for this situation? I’m just asking.

I know it’s fun, especially for guys, to joke about stuff like this, but there’s a reason these relationships are both legally and morally reprehensible. They can lead to many psychological problems for the child and can horribly skew their relationships with their peers.

Think of it this way, while you might think it would have been cool to do the mattress mambo with your teacher, how would you feel if you found out she/he was boinking your precious baby?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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