Nude Hippo for LIFE

The world is full of uncertainty.  However, one thing I do know is that you better choose wisely before getting a tattoo.  They are permanent…as in this decision will stick with you for the rest of your life.  However, if you put your ink in a hidden spot…it can be your little secret.

While getting a tattoo your skin is pricked between 50 and 3,000 times per minute by a needle in a tattoo machine.  Early tattoo methods included using picks, rakes, combs, or chisels to cut and puncture the skin before adding pigment.  While that sounds thrilling, to me it’s a wee bit scary. However, all of my fears were calmed once I stepped one of my high heeled boots through the door of Chicago’s best tattoo parlor; Windy City Ink.

I’m not going to lie… I was scared stiff and not really sure what to expect.  I had horrible visions dancing in my head of a Harley riding, bearded, beer guzzling “dude” with a huge tattoo needle.  I was pleasantly shocked when I saw a very clean space and handsome staff awaiting our arrival.  Big Bad Bill (Aka: Our Nude Hippo World News Center Writer), was anxiously awaiting his long time dream of having the Nude Hippo logo tattooed on his ankle.  Okay, so he actually lost the coin toss to me and had to go through with it.  I was there every step of the way to supervise.  However, after successfully being in business for over 2 years and being an artist his whole life; Gary Parisi had everything under control.  In fact Bill actually could barely feel anything and said that Gary had a very gentle touch.

Windy City InkI was very impressed as Gary effortlessly tattooed our Hippo logo onto Bill’s delicate ankle.  However, if you were not sure of what image you wanted tattooed, have no fear!  Gary created the one and only “Digital Tattoo Selection” system.  Therefore, you don’t need to go through old gross books of tattoos.  You simply use the computer touch screen and click through different options.  (Each tattoo is priced differently and you can even get an estimate online.)  Next, they make the stencil (it looks like a temporary tattoo) and apply it to a cleaned and shaven desired area.  Next your tattoo artist will be begin by drawing the outline, before filling it in completely.  Once the image is finished it is fully cleaned before you are bandaged.  There was no bloodshed whatsoever during the process.  However, once Bill was bandaged and walking around it did look a little “red” and we were reassured that was normal.  After all, he did just get his ankle poked a few thousand times by a needle.  After a few hours you should remove your bandage and wash it gently.  You should then apply thin coats of antibacterial ointment.  Your tattoo will take around 2 weeks to fully heal.

Statistics say that about 17% of tattooed Americas regret their tattoos, frequently because they include a person’s name.  However, Bill said that he had “no regrets” regarding the Nude Hippo logo tattooed on his ankle.  “Why!?”… you might be asking yourself.  Well my friends…Bill “doesn’t pay a lot of attention or really ever look at his ankles”.  It seems like “Big Bad Bill” is a Nude Hippo lover for life.  (I should also add, that Bill is “bad a*s” for never flinching, crying or complaining.  Thanks for taking one for the team.  Literally!)

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