McDonald's - Chicago

Classic coverage of the new look for McDonald’s

Ronald McDonald at the big opening!McDonald’s just announced that they will upgrade their look and feel of all of its stores.

The list of changes includes:
No more red roofs
Interior colors of red & yellow will be replaced with earth tones
The end of use of fiberglass tables and steel chairs
Additional drive-through windows
The replacement of fluorescent lighting
Adding flat-screen televisions

McDonald's - Chicago800 franchises are scheduled for the change by the end of the year with full completion by 2015.

However, Chicagoans may have already seen the future look, back in 2005 when McDonald’s totally redid their famous Rock n’ Roll McDonald’s as the company‚Äôs Chicago flagship site at 600 N. Clark Street (Clark and Ohio).

This restaurant was unveiled as part of the company’s 50th Anniversary celebration on April 15, 2005.

NUDE HIPPO’s Ravi Batista was there for the opening!

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