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I’m always looking for new tips when it comes to makeup application– and I found this awesome article from the fabulous, Jenny Patinkin. Jenny is the owner of Dollface Beauty School. Dollface offers a variety of makeup classes for women of all ages, too!

I LOVE wearing eye lashes… have you ever tried? It was pretty tough when I first started gluing them on, but after a little practice it wasn’t so bad. There’s even a class coming up on May 14th, 2011— where you can learn how to correctly apply lashes yourself. You know how Kim Kardashian always has that ‘lushes lash’ look these days?? Well, it’s not easy to accomplish that same look if you haven’t mastered the lash application. So, check out the Lush Lash Seminar– it’s for a small group of women who want to up their makeup game. Lashes are such a huge trend right now, but even for a more natural look, false lashes can really open up the eyes and add a lot of dimension and interest, not to mention drama.

I love Jenny’s tips when it comes to makeup for all ages…CHECK them out, below!


Eyeshadow Evolution:
Daughter – Enjoy glitter while there are no fine lines in which it can collect.
Mother – Use shimmer in a strategic way to create the look of brightness and space.
Grandmother – Stick with sheer, natural colors that have a subtle, satiny sheen.

Concealer Continuity:
Daughter – Spot treat pesky pimples.
Mother – Disguise exhaustion and the passage of time by covering under-eye circles, large pores and uneven skin tone.
Grandmother – Switch to a creamy highlighting formula to regain the look of hydration and restored luminosity.


Lipstick Lineage:
Daughter – Experiment! Anything goes!
Mother – Always have a hint of shine, even it’s just clear balm. Matte colors and dry lips can be very aging.
Grandmother – Embrace pinky tones – they really perk up the complexion.

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