Papercuts 'Fading Parade'

West Coast Indie Pop Hits Schubas on Wednesday

Jason Robert Quever aka PapercutsEven if you sit there feeling envious every time you read yet another revelry-depicting status update from one of your friends attending South By Southwest in Austin, it’s assuring to keep in mind that Chicago is practically the post-SXSW stop-off.  Just about anybody you’d want to see play at the festival pops into town either before or after their stint in Austin, and with SWSW winding down this weekend one of the acts ascending (you know, because they’re heading north) on Chicago is Papercuts.

Essentially the solo work of musician Jason Robert Quever, Papercuts is a 60’s-influenced San Francisco indie pop outfit that recalls the British Invasion with reverb-drenched vocals recalling Phil Spector records and the voices of Jim & William Reid of The Jesus & Mary Chain.

Papercuts – “Do You Really Wanna Know”

Papercuts – “Chills”

‘Fading Parade’, the 4th Papercuts full-length album came out a couple of weeks ago on Sub Pop and is an ideal soundtrack for walking about the city as spring rears its welcome head.  If you’re a fan of the currently-in-hiatus group The Shins, you’ve now come across their replacement in your heart.

Papercuts plays Schubas on Wednesday, 23rd in what should be a terrific show, and you can get your $10 (cheap!) ticket here.

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