Clean the Clutter Outta My Life

Well, it’s practically March– and I’m happy to say that I’ve stuck to my New Years resolution so far.  I’ve resolved to de-clutter my life, one week (and one bag) at a time …

Week 4: I’ve found that hanging a garbage back on our pantry-room doorknob helps remind me that I need to keep filling it!! This week I tackled my husband Brian’s dresser drawers.

I discovered that he has about a million white undershirts, some of which are NOT white anymore! I peaked my head in the bathroom where Brian was a showering and yelled, “Honey… do I have your permission to toss out your white shirts, that are no longer white?!” and to my surprise he emphatically said, YES!!! So, they went into the donation bag in the pantry without a fight from the hubby.

There are a bunch of places you can donate your items, but I wanted to find a unique cause. I poked around for a while, and discovered this place called the St. Leonard’s Ministries on 2100 West Warren Blvd., right here in Chicago!

They provide comprehensive residential, case management, and employment services for those released from prison without resources needed to rebuild their lives. So, basically they help convicts work their way back into the real world. It is a very worthy and effective charity. St. Leonard’s Ministries are constantly in need of clothing for both men and women. I chose this organization because I believe that everyone deserves a second chance, and St. Leonard’s Ministries has been helping people achieve that since 1954– and I want to do my part to help in some way.

Watch a youtube video with Mayor Daley at the Adult High School Graduation for St. Leonard’s Ministries by clicking HERE. Daley encourages the city of Chicago to raise awareness for this great organization.

I’m looking forward to tackling another room next week. I think I’ll do the office & start going through all of our junk-drawers. St. Leonard’s Ministries will soon have another donation from us :).

You can also make donations to St. Leonard’s Ministries… here’s how:

Please address donations to:
Bob Dougherty, Executive Director
St. Leonard’s Ministries
2100 W. Warren Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60612

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