A Pop of Color This Spring

One of my favorite all time fashion websites is called the Sartorialist.  This blogger takes fantastic fashion photos from all over, a combination of both fashion shows and people on the street, and post them to his blog.  There are minimal words needed as the fashion often speaks for itself.

A recent post of his highlighted the fantastic use of turquoise and mustard in fashion in London. Maybe it’s not even turquoise so much as cerulean?  Do you remember that color from Crayola’s 99 box of crayons?  For some reason it always resonated with me, and blue isn’t even my color!  You can check it out by visiting the link above for more ideas on what I am about to discuss.

I just love this combo, though.  I have even accidentally found myself pairing these colors together, because I love the color pop and nice contrast.  What’s great about this look is it migrates very easily from late winter to early spring, and can continue on and be re-vived the following winter.

The best part?  We can pull this off in a variety of ways that don’t involve spending tons of cash.

Scarves and Jewelry

One easy way to get this look is to invest in smaller pieces of these colors.  Pick up a mustard scarf and pair with turquoise earrings while wearing black or visa versa.  You can have your color pop while maintaining minimalism.

Coats and Cardigans

If you have the means to splurge a bit, why not get a lighter weight coat that can move from winter to spring in a bright shade?  Or a cardigan that can be used all the time?  Let your pop of color be on the OUTSIDE of your outfit and pair with either the scarf you now have or a fun clutch, bag, headband or tights.

Shoes and Tights

You can be even bolder by showing off this color on your legs.  You can always find a fun array of tights at either American Apparel or Hue, and we all know my favorite shoe brand is Seychelles, as shown right here!

A tip for shopping for any of these items, those, is to search for “mustard” not “yellow”.  Yellow brings up that nasty banana peel color no one likes and screams of the early 90s.

Finally, these looks are not limited to their categories.  Pair your mustard shoes with your turquoise coat, or your cerulean tights with your amazing mustard scarf.  The world is your oyster when it comes to color this season!

Good luck fashionistas!

Corie Scarpaci

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