Gina’s 52 Bags, In 52 Weeks!

I’ve actually managed to stick with my New Years Resolution so far this year…. it’s called, “52 Bags In 52 Weeks”… and it’s all about getting rid of stuff that clutters up your house. It’s such a great resolution, and one that I can actually stick to. Every year I always find myself making a resolution that I get bored with a couple of weeks into January… but this year my husband has loved watching my clutter dwindle down, week by week.

The other day my mom told me, “Gina… every time you go shopping you should come home and get rid of some old clothes that you don’t wear anymore.” This advice totally coincides with the 52 Bags In 52 Weeks resolution!! Thanks Mom— I’m taking our words of wisdom and purging my closet after every shopping trip.

Last week I went shopping at The Gap….well, I couldn’t resist their 40% off Clearance sale –off already marked down prices…:) I scored an awesome v-neck sweater and a few pairs of gloves. You know what that means though… time to go home and get rid of a sweater I never wear. I found myself getting rid of more than just one sweater which was great. I now have two garbage bags stuffed full of clothes to take to Good Will.

This process has been like chicken soup to my soul. My mom also says, “having a clean home allows you to have a clear mind.” Again… she’s right!!  By getting rid of useless things in our house I’ve felt a weight lifted off my shoulders… as if I’m shedding pounds with every garbage bag of clutter I get rid of.

Even if you can’t commit to 52 Bags In 52 Weeks, just try one bag every other month. It feels so good to downsize !

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