Let’s Spark Up Nostalgia, My Fellow 30-Somethings!

Recently my dad called me and said, “I’m gonna throw away all these old Barbie Dolls if you don’t get home soon and go through them!!” This is just his secret way to get me to come home for a weekend trip… but it got me thinking about all the cool toys I used to play with back in the day. Man, I had some really cool stuff!! Well, that… or my FRIENDS had really cool stuff, and I would beg them to let me play with it. LOL.

Here’s my Top 5 List of toys from my childhood… see if you remember them!!

5.) Lite-Brite: BUT!! I had the OLD school style lite-brite… the kind that came with the black construction paper that you had to replace for every picture that you wanted to make.

4.) Glo-Worm: Okay, I admit… I wasn’t cool enough to have one of these myself, but my best friend at the time DID and I always wanted to play with it. She used to say…”You can ONLY squeeze it one time!!” Squeezing it was the best part because that’s what made them glow.

3.) Cabbage Patch Kids: I used to LOVE my Cabbage Patch doll. I especially liked how there was a signature on the left butt cheek of the doll. Don’t ask me why this was so impressive to me, but for some reason it was! LOL. In case you don’t remember the Cabbage Patch butt-tattoo, here’s a pic to prove it!

2.) Teen Skipper: She was SO awesome! Don’t ask me why she was much different than having an actual “Barbie Doll,” but for some reason– she totally was. It was really hip to say you had a Skipper doll!

1.) Popples: OMG, I loved my Popple!!!! These fantastic stuffed animals could hid inside their little pouches….. or pop out of the pouch and be a fun cuddly stuffed animal. It sounds kind of silly when I describe it, but man… I really loved mine. If you forget what a Popple is, then check out this old school commercial. I still remember watching this commercial as a 7 year old, and running to my mom saying: “MOM, I want a Popple!!!!”

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