A Gift She’ll Love From Head to Toe!

Gentlemen, are you still struggling to find that perfect something for your lady love this Valentine’s Day?  It’s the same battle every year, isn’t it?  You spend hours searching the net, or your local department store, trying to pick out the perfect something.  You always go in hopeful, thinking you will just “know” when you see it.

Why waste the time and energy this year?  Make your lady happy from head to toe by giving her a gift from the company with the same name – Head2Toe mobile spa!

Featured this month for Valentine’s Day is the Neapolitan – a manicure/pedicure combo coupled with a vanilla scrub that is followed by a strawberry-chocolate rub.  Just like your favorite ice cream! It’s only $90 and the best part – they come to you.  Oh yes, I said it.  Head2Toe comes to YOU!  Your lady will not have to trudge outside in this nasty Chicago weather to get to a nail parlor.  She will get to experience the divinity of Neapolitan ice cream on her hands and feet all within the comfort of her own home!

Not feeling the ice cream?  Visit their website here for a full menu of available services.  All products are natural, organic and good for the environment.  Call at (773) 698-8883 to order your gift certificate today!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone, from Head2Toe!

~Corie Scarpaci

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