A Hip(po) Chicago Weekend – February 4,5,6

A Hip(po) Chicago WeekendSo…..How about that snow?  Maybe you disagree, but I love it.  Anytime you are able to get a snow day from WORK — I mean, adult, grown-up work — that is a good day if you ask me.

But what does that do for your weekend plans?  Will we even be able to move out and about this weekend?  Will the roads be cleared by Friday?  Will you have run out of ramen noodles by then?  Have no fear!  Not only will I provide you things to do if you are able to shovel your way out of your house, but suggestions for good, clean, indoor fun as well.  Whatever you do, just make sure you are dressed appropriately and keep warm!

(1) John Leguizamo

Check out one of the funniest Latin comedians of our day, John Leguizamo.  He will be performing this weekend at the Royal George Theater Center; all shows start at 8:00pm and tickets range from $40 – $45.  Some fun facts about John:

~He was the voice of the sloth in “Ice Age”

~He played the sexiest Tybalt around in “Romeo and Juliet”

~He doesn’t actually have a speech impediment

Royal George Theater, 1641 N. Halsted

(2) Meat Week

If you love meat, then this is the best week of the year for you (just ask my husband).  Meat Week has started and is running through this weekend.  Check out the link above and visit a variety of locations across Chicago for some of the most delicious, succulent bbq meat around!  Participate in voting as well, for Best Sauce, Best Side and Best MEAT!

My apologies to all vegetarians, but perhaps you should let the snow keep you in this weekend.

(3) For the Love of Chocolate

Feel like spending some money this weekend?  The “For the Love of Chocolate” Foundation is hosting a fabulous dinner at the Merchandise Mart this Saturday for $200.  A variety of chefs, including Rick Bayless, will be on hand to not only serve a delicious and decadent full course meal, but also to shell out some fantastic chocolate dishes to feast on!

Proceeds from the fundraiser go towards scholarships for students attending the French Pastry School at City Colleges of Chicago.  So basically you will be contributing to the making of future awesome dessert chefs — my favorite part of any meal, and I personally feel the world would be a better place with more pastry chefs.  The perfect ingredient for world peace!

Merchandise Mart, 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza

(4) Super Bowl Brunch at the Girl and the Goat

Whoops….being the girl I am, I almost forgot this Sunday was the Super Bowl.  Well can you blame me?  After the Bears decided to, well, not “bring it”, I tried to block all football activities from my memory.

Regardless, you can find many goings-on this weekend related to the Super Bowl should you decide yellow is your favorite color (I mean really, I feel watching that game will just give you a migraine, trying to figure out who’s who).

Running from 10:00am – 3:00pm, make sure to call ahead and make reservations!  For additional Super Bowl activities in Chicago, check out MetroMix!

Girl and the Goat, 809 W. Randolph

(5) Staying In!

So, for those of you who are deciding to stay in this weekend and not brave the cold, here are a few things you can do to keep yourself entertained:

~Board Games — make them interesting by involving shots for every 4 spaces you move or whatever!  Get creative!

~Clean your house — haha, just kidding!

~Watch every 80s movie you own and quiz yourself and each other on how well you know what comes next!

~Dance around the house in your underwear — also goes well with not showering for the entire weekend

~Watch the Super Bowl on your TV at home and make fun of EVERYONE, especially the Packer fans when they lose

~Use Google Translate to translate American curse words and then scream at the snow

~Come up with your own indoor fun!

Be hip(po)!  Have fun!  Go Steelers, Go, eat some meat and chocolate and stay warm!  But most importantly, have a fun and safe weekend!

~Corie Scarpaci


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