Hey, Refrigerator…”Say Cheese!”

Is your fridge camera ready?  As in, would you take a photo of your refrigerator and feel comfortable posting it online for millions to see?  Is yours clean and tidy or does it look more like a garbage dump filled with expired food?  Well, I didn’t have to worry too much when my producer asked for my fridge’s photo.  I didn’t really have much in it!  I learned the hard way that going grocery shopping A)while you’re hungry is bad news and B)when I shop at Costco I can’t eat all of my bulk food fast enough.  Not to mention, I have a fabulous boyfriend that likes to cook for me. (Well, I guess he needs to eat as well. )

My fridge is somewhat tidy and somewhat empty.  I always have my Brita water filter jug, yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs, vitamins, soy milk, joint juice (I’m like an 80 year-old woman) and wine.  What more does a girl need?  Oh and sometimes I like to stock up on lettuce, veggies, humus, asparagus and lemons.  But, I really do have a hard time with food expiring quickly.  I’m never home long enough to cook or eat more than breakfast.

Anyway, all of us at Nude Hippo had the assignment to take a photo of our refrigerators.  AND- we all learned a lot about each other, as well is it was just plain interesting.  For one, our web designer; Ed, has the most organized and fully stocked beverage filled fridge I’ve ever seen in my whole life.  (And I’ve done a lot of fridge snooping in my day.)  Ed offered me a beverage and little did I know I could chose from Smart Water (my absolute fave), Naked Juice, (almost every flavor) and every pop drink known to man.  I thought they stopped making TAB?  Anyhow, every bottle was perfectly aligned, arranged and I think it even sparkled because it was so clean.  I was fully impressed.  Now, the rest of the Hippo crew?  You will just have to take a look and judge for yourself.  Start paying attention to people’s fridges more often…you know your tempted to open that door and take a peak inside.  Plus, you might even find something very tasty.  And be sure to keep you fridge camera ready…you never know who is judging you on your fridge.  (I’m beginning to think this could be a great “first date” requirement.  “You want to go out Friday?  First, please send me a photo of your fridge.”  Ed should post his fridge as his profile picture on FB and he’d have a line of ladies out his door trying to get in.)

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