The Rehearsal of a NUDE HIPPO!

NUDE HIPPO: THE REHEARSALFor the first time ever, go behind the scenes of a rehearsal for the half-hour version of NUDE HIPPO.  See what happens between the talent and crew as they prepare for the offbeat magazine-style talk show!

This was a fictional scripted concept of the weekly program.  During the decade run on cable, there was never a rehearsal for any episode of NUDE HIPPO, (and it showed).  However, if one actually did happen, this was what the producers thought one would look like.  The story follows inter-office romance, dramatic encounters among fellow cast members and the behind the scenes confessions about one another.

Ashley Lobo behind the producersThis program featured not only featured the on-air talent of the time, but also several crew members were shown as well in cameos.   It was shown a month prior to the end of the cable run and it was the first episode to be censored by the cable channel that it was broadcast on.  This version here is the uncensored version.  (Only the commercial breaks have been removed.)  The objectionable portion that was cut from the air was a report from a male strip joint.  All of the pieces that appeared in “The Rehearsal” were real segments that did not get scheduled to air.  With a limited number of episodes remaining, inserting these segments into this special episode was best solution to broadcast them on TV.

Most of the crew and several talented on-air members have remained with NUDE HIPPO, including Ashley Lobo & Amy Zanglin.

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